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A husband and father goes missing.
Missing, Part 1

It was a quite evening in remote New Orleans. In a manor a man named Greg Robinson was putting his eight -year old daughter Zoe to bed. Just before she went to sleep Zoe asked her dad to read her a bedtime story. Zoe pulled out a book titled “Pirates of the Seven Seas”. She loved it when her father read fantasy stories to her. She loved to imagine the characters in her mind as her dad read her the story. She always looked forward to this time every night. This night however something very different was about to occur. Just as Greg started reading the first few words of the book there was a loud knock at the door. Greg got up to see what was going on as he was walking towards the door the knocking started to get louder. “Coming” Greg yelled, Zoe snuck out of her room to see what was going on. The knocking continued to get louder and louder. When Greg opened the door a strange blue mist entered the house. Before Greg could do anything else the mist pulled Greg outside and the door slammed shut. Zoe seeing the whole thing ran downstairs and opened the door. The blue mist was gone and so was her dad, in fact there were no signs of her father anywhere.

It was a cold rainy night when I got a call from a Mrs. Rachel Robinson. She said that her husband Greg had gone missing and he had not been seen in over a week. She asked me to come to her home to help her with the investigation. I made my way through the deep south of the Louisiana bayou and towards the house where the Robinsons lived. I walked up the steps and into the living room where Mrs. Robinson was waiting for me. “Thank goodness you are here” she said to me. My husband has gone missing and my daughter and I are worried sick. I asked her what had happened and she started her story. “My husband, daughter and I inherited this house after Greg’s uncle passed away. He found out the history of the house he lived in and thought it would be good for us to move down here. We came from Michigan and when I first heard about this I really didn’t want to move in the first place. Greg convinced me that this would be a great opportunity for us. We then sold our house and moved down here. I really regret making this move. Zoe was the last person to see her daddy before he vanished. She claims that a ghost grabbed him, can you believe it a ghost of all things. Zoe is so scared she locked herself in her room and hasn’t left her room since. While cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen my husband found this map of the estate. He was convinced that it was a treasure map and started going crazy thinking that there was a treasure buried somewhere. Between this and my daughter claiming to see a ghost this whole thing has become so overwhelming for me. Please you’ve got to help me find out what happened to Greg. Here is the map that Greg found and I would like you to start your investigation with Florence, the maid we hired to help us around here. This house was in a terrible state and we hired her and her husband Harold to help us clean up the place. It sounds like she is working upstairs so why don’t you go up and introduce yourself to her and see if she knows anything.” With that I made my way upstairs.
I found Florence in the master bedroom sweeping the floor. “How do you do, Detective? My name is Florence Sommers. My husband and I were hired by the Robinsons to help them fix up their house. Such a tragedy of what happened to Mr. Robinson. He was such a nice fellow. The first question I had asked here was how long was she working for them. Florence told me they had been working for them for about 2 months now around the time the Robinsons moved into the house. “Do you have any idea what could have happened to Mr. Robinson? She didn’t have any idea what could have happened. Do you believe in what Zoe said about a ghost? Florence got real stern when I said this. Of course I believe in ghosts she told me. As a matter of fact this house used to owned by a pirate named Jack Lefwee. He was a ruthless pirated who killed anyone who tried to take his treasure. According to legend he buried his treasure somewhere around the estate of this manor and it has never been found. Anyone who attempted to try to find the treasure mysteriously died. Some say that his ghost still walks around this manor. The man who moved in after Lefwee was a business owner named Albert Mascelli he died when this manor mysteriously burned down. The house has since been rebuilt but I still believe that Jack Lefwee’s ghost still roams around the house.
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