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A shadow produced by witches hovers
"Deathly pale," is an understatement, the security guard said under her breath to herself as she looked at the guest--or prisoner in the dungeon. They were under the castle. He looked ill and starving, almost like a corpse. She placed him a tray of food, even though she was told he had a special diet and would not eat it. He had only been there for a short time, but it seemed longer to her. Creeped out she pushed the cart with another tray of food down the dirt floor through the tunnels to another cell and placed a tray of food, then she rapped on the cell door to wake her up and she left.

Luce was sitting in a Hotel chair in the lobby with Martha, They were waiting for Kara who was making room arrangements for Envy and Itis. Martha was unaware of what the two girls were. "So what got you interested in being a scientist of your field." Luce asked. "Well my father always had these interesting gadgets around because he did some kind of secretive detective work--I wasn't suppose to know that. Sometimes I would get my hands on one and take it apart, they were so complex. I was always interested in how things work." "But you got into the physiology of the body?" Luce said in an inquiring fashion. Martha was happy to talk about her work. "My father brought a friend over once who had artificial parts and that just increased my interest. Finally when I got old enough I began to take college courses."

"So this is the magazine in question?" Chris said taking it out of Darlene's hand and pulling a pin out of his shirt pocket to sign it.

"You know money doesn't grow on trees," Darlene said. "You are not poor Darlene," Chris said. "Inheritance money runs out," Darlene snapped. "Surely you know people from the magazine who could help you," Chris said forgetting his composure momentarily. "When the new Hierarchy took over, they fired anyone they thought would not pledge allegiance to the flag, and to everyone else I became a conflict of interest, daddy did not take me to his business, and he wasn't very considerate." "Have some respect for the dead Darlene he was your father. "He didn't have any respect for me." "I'm sorry for your loss Darlene, I was able to convince the magazine that it was a harmless dinner date, they know you after all. "It should have been mine," Darlene finished, she changed her tone "your divorce went through--Darlene was saying when one of the bodyguards walked over with a woman in a fur coat with a similar look to hers. "This is a new songwriter I hired," Chris said and introduced her as Gail Wilson. Darlene didn't say anything. "Well we have to get going," the bodyguard said, Chris signed a few autographs and they left.

Valerie Bright was contemplating what to do about the decision to open the stage up as a venue for the other entertainers. Stephanie Smith walked up she wanted to make a suggestion to Valerie.

The witches were sitting quietly by the fire. Linda and Daisy were somewhere else.
Blair and Floral were in take charge mode. Velma was not visible to them. Rachel had introduced the new recruits.

Mary was at a local McDonalds instead of the Diner she use to hang out and eat with her coworkers.

Anna put together a file on John doe and gave it to Anderson. Anderson gave the file to Helen.

Grace handed Darlene another drink. She stood there looking at her. Darlene gave her a tip. "You know I overheard your conversation Grace," admitted. "Well your ears must truly be bionic Darlene said, because I was paying attention you were all the way on the other side of the bar." "No, I overheard you.

The male who had received the 1st readings name is Tailor, the girls name who received after him is Colleen, the last two girls names are Gladys and Marlowe. They had talked about the situation, Blair explained that this is why they want more people in the circle to balance the problem. The new recruits were in between something being neat and something being frightning, but they had not left.

Grace came out of the restroom. "The bathroom is awful, I don't know if I've outgrown this or the people are just more foul," "Maybe you should get another job, Darlene suggested." "I own this," Grace said. "Well, congratulations to you." Darlene said, looking at her drink.

People poured out through the castle doors, the Queen and ladies in waiting came out last. "Now everyone celebrate Queen Bloodstone, turn on the music and everybody move and dance, move and dance, mighty dj or mighty rock, sand is running out on this clock, let's get this party started----dance, dance, move and dance, everyone, ........the ladies in waiting instructed everyone to dance........Tim Nelson came up from the laboratory, he looked to see who had been screaming, there were all sorts of people animated and dancing. The girl who had run out of the cage in the Castle stood alone looking out of place. Bert had gone to talk to the Queen. Tim approached the girl and asked her what was wrong. "Monsters," she said, Monsters? Tim said.

Like a creeper, a shadowy figure entered the doorway. (Hours earlier)--, The Mane family had been at a party that ran late. Where they had introduced a new artist they had signed to their label Harp Mackenzie. She had performed a couple of the new singles (songs) they had recorded with her.

The party had been interrupted by a confrontation between ------ Mane and -------- Butler, who had crashed or attended the party uninvited according to -------- Mane.

The family later left the affair in limousines heading for their business offices where they intended to rest and then get up and attend a family board meeting that ------ Mane demanded they attend despite the late night celebrating the next morning. She was like a lion a constant roar.

Early in the morning the local police department received a frantic call. Later Officer Lenny Patterson was on the scene with an army of officers going over a gruesome murder scene. "So one Son is not here?" Yes a female officer was reporting to him I think he was the middle son. "Possible suspect? Patterson said. "His blood is here sir but there is no body." This is definitely going to be a life sentence," one of the male officers said. No, another one commented, the death penalty. "The FBI is here the first female officer reported. Patterson looked FBI agent Anderson was walking toward him.

"FBI agent Anderson, Classified, X files, you've come to relieve us from the case." Patterson said in introduction clearly thinking out loud. Anderson stood next to him with his hands in his pockets, "this is a highly unusual murder in it's deviation." he commented. "Reminds us of Helter Skelter a male officer stated. This family was a high profile celebrity, another said, well I didn't listen to their music another commented. "FBI agent Larry Anderson a female officer said holding out her hand. "How do you know my first name Anderson ordered. "Well, there was a woman looking for you." A woman," Anderson repeated taking the womans hand. "Your sister," the woman finished. "My sister," Anderson repeated. "I assumed she was your sister or relation, she looked just like you, and new a lot about you."
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