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This is just a intro that I have started to a book I have dreamed up!
A soft wisp of fall air tangles in the dark night, as Raelinn continued down the golden-orange leaf swallowed sidewalk with wanderlust. Leyanor is a medium sized town brought to popularity by a magnitude of horror stories; Raelinn stopped just short of a Irish pub known to tourist as Green Clover, where many seem to find shelter from this muggy world. A fiery jungle of red hair cut just above her shoulders can be seen from afar; Emerald green eyes that pierce the very soul who dares look into the stormy raging sea, filled with misery yet so much softness can be observed by a onlooker. With a sigh Raelinn continues down the memory stricken sidewalk with melancholy, knowing she would soon face the grandest of her fears; failure to be brave. Courageous is a crucial word that comes to mind when she passes through the mind of those who know her best. Challenges remained nothing more but a breeze of wind rustling the tree branches on a bright blue day. Now, Raelinn is left with nothing but ripped jeans, a silver double edged sword, and a brown headed; blue eyed mysterious stanger.

-Ivie Rayne
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