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Legend of Sword Lake (Hồ Gươm)
Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known to be busy and vibrant. In the centre of Hanoi is Ho Guom (Sword Lake) which is attached the name "a basket of flowers" due to the airy colourful enviroment painted by various trees and flowers. The lake has its name from Le Loi, one of the greatest heroes of Vietnam.
Close your eyes, I will take you back in time, 6 centuries ago when Vietnam society was controlled by feudalism and at that time, fighting against Chinese invaders. Sword Lake used to be called Green Watered Lake since the water of the late is green all year round. A fisherman found the same blade which was incribed "the will of heaven " 3 times when fishing on the river. The blade was the as fit as gloves of the hilt found by Lê Lợi himself. Together they made a magic sword which gave Le Loi greatest strength to defeat the enermy, announcing Vietnam's independence. Once when Le Loi was boating on the river, appeared a turtle, the representative of Dragon King who had lent Le Loi the magic sword. The turtle took the sword an submerged to the water. Stemming from this event, Le Loi renamed the lake, called it The lake of returned sword or Sword Lake.
Every heritage in Vietnam has its own legend giving it the mysterious beauty. The scenery gives the landmark antique look. In a nutshell, Vietnam is well worth visiting for the natural beauty.
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