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by DylanB
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A story I have begun writing, please tell me what you think!
It was a sunny day at James Patrick Academy, and Elijah and Finn were just arriving at the place they call 'the home of the junked up'.

Elijah and Finn had all their classes together. They weren't the best behaved in school, but they excelled in English, History and Art.

After English, they had a free period. They decided to get a few snacks and drinks from the vending machine in the cafeteria. Once they had done this, they walked into the library to go on one of the computers.

They looked up Columbine and Virginia Tech. Finn took out his day planner and wrote some details of videos made. "Eli, we need to get a video camera." whispered Finn.

The bell rung for next lesson, they slowly walked to P.E., they despised P.E. It was full of steroid-filled morons. "Shouldn't you two be in class?" Mr Wark spoke strictly. "We were just going" lied Elijah. Mr Wark nodded and walked away. They smirked at each other and went into an empty classroom and hid away.

A few hours later the bell rung for home time. Some of the steroid-filled morons walked up to Elijah and Finn, and punched them both in the stomach. "Go kill yourself, faggots!" shouted the bullies as they got on their bus.

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