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by S-J
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A description of my favourite place to be and why is so important to me.
This place is so special to me. It always has been. It's so peaceful.

So faraway from other people, machines and other vehicles. The smells are different here. There are no chemical smells such as those from petrol or diesel. No smells of fresh paint, or new leather or plastic. All smells of human civilisation. Don't get me wrong I enjoy some human made scents. Such as pages of a new book, or a nice hot meal cooking in the oven and even a nice hot cup of coffee. But sometimes I need something different. A refresher for the senses.

Here I smell fresh earth, flowers and other fresh scents. The smell of water on clean soil, especially after the rain.The air is fresh, and helps me to breath better. I close my eyes to enjoy it more and then there are the sounds. Gone are the sirens, screeches, engine noises, constant people chatter, power tools being used, dogs barking at nearly everything that moves... Among so many other things.

Here I can hear various birds singing, clacking and cawing. If I am lucky, I might hear a screech somewhere in the sky from an eagle or hawk. A scuffle might be heard of smaller creatures rushing through the under brush, though sometimes that makes me open my eyes to make sure it's not a creature to worry about. I may love it here, yet I still have to be cautious here. Listening to the breeze blowing through the trees is something else I enjoy, and I notice when there are different sounds, which tell me what type of tree is having it's leaves rustled. The gums have an almost papery rustle, while the trees like the she-oaks have an almost spooky low howl sound when the breeze blows through them. I might occasionally hear a grunting blowing sound followed by clicks if a mob of kangaroos is nearby, and aren't aware of my presence. There might even be a squeal from an animal such as a rabbit, or a yappy yip from a fox. The diversity of critters when you stop to listen can be quite amazing. Not forgetting the sounds of the insects, especially in the summer. Crickets, cicadas and grasshoppers. The loud zooming buzz ofa dragonfly if water is nearby. The annoying buzz of the blow fly that tends to disrupt the peace. The distinctive almost aggressive sound of the large mud wasps buzzing past looking for food for their babies, yet to be born.

Then with eyes open you may see, an array of colours. Mostly greens, seeing as I am under a canopy of trees. Other colours can be spotted from time to time, some leaves turn pink, orange or yellow. A flash of colour from birds such as parrots or little wrens. There can be soft greens, greys and oranges from fungi and lichen. Sometimes you will spot some wild flowers showing white, yellows, purples and pinks. Even the trees will sometimes have flowers. Mostly yellows. Pale yellow of the river red gums, bolder yellow of the wattles, darker yellow of the cassias... If the gums are in flower, you may be greeted by a lovely honey scent as the blooms are heavy with nectar.

It's like a little forest here. Yet it's really only a little cluster of trees. Not big enough to be a forest. Yet sitting quietly in the middle it looks like you are, for you can mostly see trees and it's hard to see the paddocks beyond them. It's easy to forget that just beyond the tree trunks are various livestock roaming about. Mostly sheep, yet there are also cattle, a few horses and even feral goats. Yet in here they are nowhere to be seen or heard. It is my special place that brings me a sense of peace.

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