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A sad tale about a love lost
The hills are made of cotton candy
Those pink fluffy unicorns look dandy
as they frolick on the beach, so sandy
Them pink fluffy unicorns.

Pete Fluffy Unicorn, sees his mate
He neighs, "you're late."
She tosses her mane. "It's fate."
A characteristic of pink fluffy unicorns.

Pete laughs as he gives her his horn
She shakes her head and looks forlorn
"I'm not ready to settle, I'm really quite torn."
The plight of pink fluffy unicorns.

She shuffled her hooves"I fancy this boy called Roy."
He lives in Greece and his name is Troy.
I want to marry him and give him a boy."
A tragedy of the pink fluffy unicorns.

Pete cried, "but I love you so.
Please, just give it a go."
She shakes her head. "No."
The heartbroken pink fluffy unicorn.

She smiles, turns, and gallops away
Pete whispers one word, "stay."
That's where sits to this day
The lonely pink fluffy unicorn.

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