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Why it isn't given the importance
Who's leading and who is lagging

Research is something that only few people will give importance. But why not everyone is interested in it? The answer to this question is lack of curiosity. Most of the people just follow what others are following blindly, they don't want a change and they don't go for innovation rather conventions prevail in their minds.People are reluctant to show up what's inside them because of insecurities and fear of rejection and that is the plague which is ruining the innovations.
Whenever​ we look for something innovative we indirectly speaks of research. Not each one of us is motivated for going in research, that's because our government seldom provides opportunities for research and even if they do, there are less facilities by which we can carry on our projects. There is so much talent and intelligence across the world. Great minds are not limited to few regions rather most of the brain boxes are neglected or they are never given the chance to share what they have got.
Another very important issue is that in most of the countries there are so many other crisis and problems that whole nation is involved in it to such an extent that most of them never get a chance to think of anything other than thinking of resolving those issues, which is a valid point. Basically in this way most of the potential in our society is lost and capabilities of people are simply obliterated. We have to think over it and we have to bring people out of their troubles so that they can contribute towards the success of this global community. We all are "one" in this era and without unity we can never pursue the innovations that can bring revolutions in different fields.
People learn more from experiences rather from harsh experiences and in most of the third world countries there are people who can think about these circumstances and their experiences can make them do research and bring ideas and theories that no one is aware of. By all that we can bring peace, unity and strong ties among the people across the world.
Research isn't something that should be considered in post graduation level rather we should provide research orientation​s at primary level so that new generation should be able to focus on research based study. Young students should be involved in practical study considering the depth of concepts. Following​ the traditional way and doing nothing innovative isn't fruitful at all. We are not supposed to do totally different things rather we can do things differently. This is achieved by looking for all new ideas.
There are so many countries where a lot of budget is spent on other factors apart from research. Research requires hefty amounts​ and not every country and its government is in favor of providing funds to research activities. They spend most of their budget on defense and loans. So those countries who are leading in research are basically the countries which are stronger in every aspect but it's not a rational approach to neglect others. They should look towards collaboration with other countries and research centres but the most heart-rending issue is that they never give importance to such collaborations. It's our duty to serve ourselves for the betterment of society and to play our role for innovations and to take ourselves out of dated trends.
So it's very simple that those who are considering above mentioned drawbacks and are acting for the improvement of the society are leading in research and those who are still stuck in whirlpool of old worn out ideas are lagging in research.
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