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The second chapter of The Innocent

                                                                                         Chapter Two
                                                                               The Day's That Followed

                                                  April 4, 1994, Heidi Allen vanished and there was no sign or clue as to how or why. That day early in the morning by 10:10 A.m., the first search teams were searching for Heidi but uncertain of where to even look as they had no clues to go on. Family and Friends that morning and the day's following gathered at the local fire hall. They searched roads and fields, with little to even base their search on. Mr. Nellis was the Sheriff at the time and stated, "It was as if they were looking for a needle in a hay stack, issue was they had no idea where that hay stack was."
                                                 By late Sunday after noon, fliers had been handed out which had Heidi's photo on it, a clear description of her, and an 800 number which sent you to the Sheriff Department. The Sheriff said, " Agencies across the country have been notified and border patrol as well."
                                                 The Last time Heidi parents had seen Heidi, was Saturday night, the night before. She had stopped to give her parents an Easter basket. Heidi then made her rounds delivering Easter baskets and left to arrive at Brett's house, to give another Easter basket to her boy friends, niece. Brett and Heidi had later, returned to Heidi's home, and watched a movie before bed. Heidi had been residing with her grand mother and Aunt. The following morning Brett had followed Heidi to work. Heidi's, father who was a trucker had put the word out to the trucker's through men at work. Everyone was trying or seemed to be.
                                                 The day's that followed brought fear to the local community. Local store clerk's were reporting they were carrying scissors to the gas pumps as they were turning them on, in the morning. Uncertain of what to think, the fear was a reality. A young teen of eighteen had just vanished, there was no sign of a struggle, her car was parked in the parking lot, her key's were left on the counter. It was if she just vanished out of thin air. One clerk informed the reporters that she arrived at her job at four a.m., that it creeped her out. Heidi had disappeared just after a girl by the name of Sarah Ann Wood. Which made the entire situation even more uneasy.
                                                 Heidi came from an area, where there were tiny white houses neatly in a row, two gas stations and a volunteer fire hall. A small community in the country. If you blinked, you would miss the town as you drove through. This stunned the community. Neighbors for miles and miles came, many of which knew Heidi. To help in any way they could. They even hung fliers of Heidi on the store door's from which she disappeared from. Many who cashed out, would take one from the stack that sat next to the cash register. Promising to spread the word and to hang it where it could be seen.
                                                  Ralph Larkin, who worked for a state wide organization, Search and Rescue. Also, a 55 year veteran of the New Haven area. He had stated," He did not want Heidi to end up like Sara Wood. Dead in the ground while searchers looked frantically, as her murderer sat in a Massachusetts jail."
                                                  By April 5, 1994 Sheriff Sumner Hall stated, " As of this morning we will not be conducting any searches for Allen." , "The only searches we will conduct will be if we receive any specific information."
                                        Sheriff Nellis added, " Search teams had searched the D & W Store area for two days had have yet to bring back any clue's or leads."
                                                 "We could go on forever, we just don't have anything to go on." Ralph Larkin commented. They were going to concentrate on the leads and information that did come in and on witnesses that did come forward. The Sheriff's would go over everything they gathered, in hopes that they may have missed something.
                                                  Kris Duell the Co - Owner of the D & W convenience store and media coordinator for the search fliers had said ,"Twenty thousand fliers had already been distributed." People were passing out fliers to motorists as they were being questioned in road blocks.
                                                  By April 5, 1994, everyone that had been to the store that morning had already been spoken to by a deputy." The last customer that had seen Allen," Nellis said," She seemed to be alright." The Sheriff's even checked Syracuse airport to see if Allen had booked a flight.
                                                  By Tuesday, the Sheriff's completely halted all search teams. The Sheriff's stated they were simple baffled there was not one clue. Under Sheriff Ruell Todd said," It look's like we are looking for a needle in a hay stack but in this case there is no haystack." Todd went on to say," There was no proof that Allen was a victim of foul play."
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