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List of nominees for the 11th annual Quill Awards (2017 edition)
Note that this is the 2017 nominations list. Click here for other years

Nominations close at the end of January 2018.

If a statement was included with the nomination post or email, it is also included below. Statements included may be edited from the original nomination statements and may be removed or reasonably edited at any time if the Quills panel deems it necessary or appropriate. Names of nominators are not included for privacy reasons.

The following categories are open for nominations:

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Non-Static Awards:
created and/or reasonably active in 2017

Best Forum (Non-Contest)
"Promptly Potter"   [13+] by Andy~~getting back to WDC
"Dew Drop Inn"   [18+] by Katya the Poet
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Technical Support Forum"   [13+] by Writing.Com Support
         There's too many quality of information provided every single day and people who are working on updating forum daily deserve to be recognized for their hard work and will to share their knowledge about the site.
"Movie Talk"   [13+] by Maryann- Happy 13th Power
         This forum is unique and well thought out.
"Secret Pal Initiation Room"   [E] by Cloud9 is there
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
Finalist: "The Great WDC Lucky Bag Giftaway!-CLOSED"   [E] by Jellyfish~Locked Down!
          Excellent fun and great community spirit.
"The Witch's Garden"   [13+] by ⱲeϦשᴉ┼cⱨ
          Lots of fun activities throughout the year!
*Trophyg* Winner: "The Twelve Labours of WDC"   [18+] by Andy~~getting back to WDC
         A lot of thought and effort went into the creation of this wonderful event, and the prizes are truly epic! Another brilliant event by Andy!
"Queen of Comedy Challenge"   [18+] by Lornda~Happy 13th SuperPower!
         A very engaging, interactive, and well-thought-out activity. Participants not only had a good laugh but were also encouraged to bring out their funny side!
"Power's 10th Anniversary Party - Closed"   [13+] by Tiggy
         Very inclusive and welcoming to all, as well as a lot of fun!
Finalist: "Pursue the Horizon - Open for Signups"   [13+] by Cinn
         Well-run challenge, encouraging writers to explore poetry.
Finalist: "Newbie Portfolio Project"   [E] by Cinn
         A wonderful way to encourage and support new members.
"The Birthday Gift Shop"   [E] by Sally
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "The Contest Challenge"   [13+] by Schnujo
"Fountain of Knowledge"   [18+] by Dee
"~ The Poet's Place Cafe~"   [E] by Dave
         Excellent poetic education week after week!
"Spa Care"   [E] by ~ Aqua ~
"Published Books of WdC Authors Forum "   [18+] by Joy
         This forum and this writer are all about supporting and encouraging other writers. Not much better than that I reckon.
"Secret Santa - CLOSED"   [18+] by Legerdemain
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         The Losers Club has given me incentive to lose weight and the encouragement I've received is warm and welcoming. I've worked harder than ever since joining The Losers Club.
"Newbies + Poetry Group Review Page"   [13+] by Sally
"Space Junkies"   [13+] by Hannah ♫♥♫
         Hannah has put in a lot of effort into this activity. There have been a lot of activities as part of this forum. Hannah has come up with a few changes for the new season.
"Question of the Day!"   [18+] by Lilli ☕

Best Campfire, In & Out, or Interactive
*Trophyg* Winner: "Wdc 17th Birthday Party Suspect Journal"   [13+] by Brooke-Thanks Anonymous! :)
         The quality of the writing is such that it reads like a hilarious novella. Every writer in it excelled.
Hilarious collaborative novella with all sorts of comedy, mystery and mayhem. It is a fun, entertaining read.
"Experiences on WDC"   [E] by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Three Word Mayhem!"   [13+] by Jay (away for a while)
         This has been going for 15 years and is still excellent fun!
"Fill in the Blanks"   [E] by Bubblegum Jones
         This has inspired more than 100 writers to write something. Pretty cool if you ask moi. I am somewhat late to the party but I had a great time with it and wrote something I am very happy with!
I am a fan of Bill's writing. While I usually do not read long stories, Bill's campfire hooked me.
"Charlie Chaplin Chews Chocolate Chutney"   [18+] by ♥tHiNg♥
         This is hilarious activity that pretty much sums up why the titles are the most important part of any writing process.
"Magic Medallion Vacation Transformation"   [18+] by Michelle
          "Magic Medallion Vacation Transformation" is a creative and fun-filled interactive with interesting adventures when people become (planned and unplanned) looking like someone else. Many WDC members contribute to this intrigue and excitement of getting characters into and out of various situations that started with just a little magic.

Best Single-Person Activity
"WdC's 17th Birthday Crossword Puzzle"   [E] by Tiggy
          Fun, creative and original activity created for the site's birthday festivities. Very clever!
"Elf Special Survey"   [E] by 🐾GeminiGem 🐾
"Gems of War Crossword"   [E] by ~Dragon~
"Power-ful"   [E] by Cinn
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Guns N' Roses Crossword"   [13+] by Kittiara
         Fun, Guns N' Roses-themed crossword.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Summer's End"   [E] by GaelicQueen Writing for 2021+
"Eris: The Dark Goddess"   [13+] by warpedsanity
*Trophyg* Winner: "Creatures from Greek Mythology"   [ASR] by ~Minja~
"Troilus & Cressida Word Search"   [ASR] by Choconut 🍫
"Ancient Greece - Word Search 5"   [E] by ~ Aqua ~
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor

Best Image/cNote
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Happiness Is..."   [E] by iKïyå§ama
"Dancing with Jup Jup"   [ASR] by ~Dragon~
         An original piece of art, filled with hope and meaning.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Kitty Sig by ~Minja~
"2017 Quills nominee image by iKïyå§ama
         The image is beautiful and often overlooked because it's associated with the Quill Awards.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"The Approaching Storm by Sum1
"WYRM Logo Badge by Arwee
         Arwee is the artist behind this clean, awesome image. It is her original artwork.
"2018 CNY Celebration Trinket Image"   [E] by ~Dragon~

Best Image/cNote Shop
"Kiya's Sig & Banner Shop"   [18+] by iKïyå§ama
"SQUIRREL!"   [E] by 🐾GeminiGem 🐾
          Who doesn't like squirrels? This c-note shop is funny, fresh, original and new in 2017. The images make me smile!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Minja's Sig Shop"   [18+] by ~Minja~
"Dee's C-note Shop #1"   [E] by Dee
         Fresh, vibrant colors. Many choices of beautiful notes bound to make someone's day brighter!
"Spa Care Community Notes"   [E] by ~ Aqua ~
"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"   [E] by ~Minja~
         This is a unique and beautiful vintage collection of C-notes for Christmas lovers of all ages.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Flight of Fantasy Signature Shop"   [E] by A E Willcox: Power, happy 13th

Best New Contest
*Trophyg* Winner: "Rebel Poetry Contest"   [XGC] by warpedsanity
         It's an excellent contest for those poets who like write 'out of the box', and the prompts are great!
"The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest"   [E] by Robert Edward Baker
         A clever, fun and zany contest that provides an opportunity for poets and writers alike.
"The Daily Poem"   [13+] by Shaye
"Open Expression: A Poetry Contest"   [13+] by Sally
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "The Annual Poem Team Challenge. - CLOSED"   [E] by Dee
         An original and fresh idea for a collaborative poetry writing contest with outstanding prize offerings.
"Spiritual Fiction Writing Contest-CLOSED"   [13+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
         Many writers have a special calling which encourages them to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into their writing. Finally, there is a contest that acknowledges this calling.
"Philosophical Musings"   [13+] by Kittiara
         A new contest that encourages writings with philosophical musings. Excellent contest for those of us who like to debate about the deeper aspects of life. It is unique.
"Honoring the Dead"   [13+] by warpedsanity
"Zodiac Contest/CONTEST CLOSED"   [18+] by 🐾GeminiGem 🐾
"Write From the Heart - Story Contest"   [E] by PurplePrincess
"Bah Humbug!"   [13+] by Kittiara and ~Dragon~
"Science Fiction Short Story Contest"   [18+] by BlackAdder
         There wasn't a real Science Fiction Short Story Monthly contest with new prompts every month until BlackAdder started this one and I was really glad that they did. It filled a gap that existed on the site and it seems to be picking up traction.
"My First Week at Hogwarts"   [13+] by Andy~~getting back to WDC

Best Contest
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"30 Day Image Prompt Contest - CLOSED"   [13+] by Cinn
         Excellent creative fun!
"The Dialogue 500"   [18+] by W.D.Wilcox
"Tales of Seduction"   [18+] by ~QPdoll
"Game of Thrones"   [13+] by Gaby
         It challenges members to step out of their comfort zones, write, review, explore, and work as a team.
"Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest"   [13+] by 🌑 Darleen
"Write from the Heart - Poetry (CLOSED)"   [E] by Lilli ☕
"Love Shouldn't Hurt Poetry Contest"   [GC] by Lyn
Finalist: "Project Write World"   [13+] by iKïyå§ama
         It's so well conceived. Gets people to work together as a team and really brings out some great writing.
"Prince Musical Writing Challenge Contest"   [E] by Princess Megan Rose
         Very open, inclusive and encouraging (of writing) contest that was the first in tribute to Prince, started in 2016 and continued wonderfully in 2017.
"October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge"   [13+] by Brandiwyn🎶
         The OctoPrep contest is one of my favorites and one that I look forward to each year. This year Brandiwyn🎶 modified and streamlined the contest to make it better than ever. This contest has helped me and so many others plot and finish our Nano novels in November. The support given during October and November is amazing and inspiring!
Finalist: "The Writer's Cramp"   [13+] by Sophy
         The Writers Cramp produces more quill nominated writing than any other contest. After all is said and done, isn't it about honoring excellence in writing? The amount of quality writing produced over the years is staggering. And there are many efforts to copy the Writers Cramp model. Immitation is a form of tribute I think/hope.
"The Grim Reaper Contest - Closed"   [13+] by Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava
         This brilliant contest runs seasonally (4 times a year) and inspires some great writing. It is imaginative and well-run.
"The Bard's Hall Contest"   [13+] by StephBee
          It’s always active and has some neat, original prompt every month!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Kit'z Higher Ratings Contest"   [18+] by Kittiara
         Excellent contest that allows us writers, who tend to lean more towards 18+ writing, get noticed.
This seems like an admirable contest, and I like the way it is set up.
"Sinister Stories Contest"   [13+] by Jeff
         Excellent contest for us horror writers.
Finalist: "Cards Against Authors"   [18+] by Shaye
         I'm nominating this because I think the concept it great, and it's a contest which does not take a lot of time to enter, and so appeals to many people - a winning exclusive MB for this contest is surely sought after!! *Smile*
"Musical Drabble - SUSPENDED FOR NOW"   [13+] by Spacecat
"The LGBT Writing Contest - reopens 2021"   [18+] by Osirantinous
"SCREAMS!!!"   [XGC] by Angus
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "PersonITfication -on HIATUS from 1/12/19"   [18+] by Sally
Finalist: "Tweet Me a Story"   [18+] by Sally
"The Humorous Poetry Contest"   [18+] by Lornda~Happy 13th SuperPower!
"Love Shouldn't Hurt Short Story Contest"   [GC] by Lyn
*Trophyg* Winner: "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest"   [E] by Choconut 🍫
"Daily Flash Fiction Challenge"   [13+] by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
"Twisted Tales Contest"   [13+] by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
         This contest has been consistently well run and fun for many years by its dedicated and brilliant hostess.
"No Dialogue Contest"   [E] by ~QPdoll
         It's completely different to any other contest on WDC. Plus, it really stretches you to write fantastic description.
"A Story-Poem Contest!!!"   [E] by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
"WEIRD TALES CONTEST"   [18+] by W.D.Wilcox
"Oriental Poetry Contest"   [E] by Chris Breva Congrats on 13!
         It's a great contest that challenges every writer to create a good Oriental poem as listed for that round.
"A Romance Contest ~~ reopening in 2021"   [13+] by Osirantinous
         Inspirational contest. It's well-run and entrants can look forward to great reviews from the contest's owner.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest"   [E] by Brenpoet
         A very well managed contest. Always on time starting and ending with no open months.

Best Raffle/Auction
"The Four Seasons Auction"   [E] by Rhoswen - Goal Reacher
*Trophyg* Winner: "The Quidditch Raffle"   [13+] by ~ Aqua ~
"Future Rising Stars Auction IS CLOSED!"   [E] by Choconut 🍫
         Fantastic packages, heaps of variety.
"The 30DBC Mega-Raffle Extravaganza!"   [E] by Fivesixer
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Mad Hatter's Tea Party"   [E] by Choconut 🍫
         Most interesting and visually pleasing themed activity I've come across on WDC! It's now October and I still remember it!
"Spread the Love Raffle"   [13+] by Kittiara and Fivesixer
         Original idea, and aptly named with the double-meaning! *Bigsmile*
"Merit Badge Raffle"   [13+] by Andy~~getting back to WDC
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor and April Desiree
"Hats and Spats"   [E] by Shaye
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Naughty and Nice November ~ CLOSED"   [E] by PurplePrincess
"Advent Silent Auction"   [13+] by Andy~~getting back to WDC
"Chinese New Year Celebration"   [E] by ~Dragon~
"My Annual Exclusive Merit Badge Draw!"   [E] by Sally
"Cupid's Lucky Arrows"   [13+] by Hannah ♫♥♫

Best Group
*Trophyg* Winner: "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group"   [E] by Maryann- Happy 13th Power
         A very friendly and welcoming reviewing group celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. A great accomplishment, and the group is celebrating in style!
"THE WDC Celebrity Author's Group"   [E] by Samberine Everose
         Wonderful way to recognize authors on WdC!
"SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP"   [E] by Simply Positive
         This group honors the memory of SHERRI GIBSON by being inclusive and treating all reviewers equally. Simply Positive lives up to its name as its leaders are always encouraging and kind to all.
"The Dark Society"   [13+] by Jeff
         Excellent group for those of us who write in the darker genres.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Excellent fun and a great way to bring the community closer.
*Trophyg* Winner: "The WDC Angel Army"   [ASR] by iKïyå§ama
"New Horizons Academy "   [E] by Katzendragonz
         The numerous learning opportunities they offer is one reason I'm nominating them. There are twelve of them, not all offered at the same time. Relevant courses that you can definitely use in your writing right away.
"House of Sensual Prose"   [18+] by PurplePrincess
"October NaNo Prep Challenge Group"   [E] by Brandiwyn🎶
"The Witch's House"   [13+] by ⱲeϦשᴉ┼cⱨ
         Small but mighty group that spreads fun and joy around WDC
"WYRM"   [13+] by WYRM
         WYRM evolved in the beginning of 2017, expanding its rules and completely rewriting the group page.
"Dee's Special Delivery"   [E] by Dee
         Dee, via her Specially delivery bank, is continuously contributing toward helping other members. Most contests here have received rather large donations and if the contest does not have a ribbon yet, it is bound to get one from Dee. She also has paid for several memberships for other members.
"Newbies + Poetry Group"   [E] by Sally

Best Blog
"Written in Blog"   [13+] by Cat Voleur
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         An honest blog, filled with personality.
"Who the Heck is Harlow Flick?"   [18+] by Harlow Flick
         This guy writes one of the most entertaining blogs ever. He is a long time member and supporter of the site, although very modest and unassuming about it all. He writes a funny Blog and has a unique style and humour all his own.
""Oh, Really, Joey, you can't say that!""   [18+] by Life's a Beach... says Joey C
         Engaging, well-thought out, and conversational. A variety of topics are covered in a voice only possessed by Joey. Thoughtful and always interesting.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Whiskers and Tails - The Sequel"   [GC] by Kittiara
         It won first place in the 30-Day Image Challenge, and she always has insightful entries to share!
"Don't Bother Me, I'm Reading"   [13+] by Antonia Ryder
         The blog is so diverse and well thought out. It's engaging and informative. One of the best I have read.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Hey, life? Are you kidding me?"   [18+] by audra_branson
"Black and White Everyday"   [18+] by Lyn
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Soundtracked"   [GC] by Fivesixer
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Azrael's blog is a humorous and relatable take on real life's frustrations.
"†Confessions of a Pseudonym"   [18+] by iKïyå§ama
"Poisoned Purple Pen"   [GC] by PurplePrincess
"Connie's Corner"   [13+] by Connieann is missing Mopsy
         Her blog posts are always informative and interesting. This year she posted about the fact that she has a short story that is published in an official Chicken Soup for the Soul Book. Pretty wonderful and inspirational.
"Can We Talk 2"   [13+] by pumpkin
         Always an interesting post.
"My thoughts from the ledge..."   [GC] by Lilli ☕
         A thought-provoking, entertaining blog.
"My Blog"   [E] by Epiehl
          This writer is truly writing a really good daily journal of her activities and she seldom misses one single day writing in her blog. This blog possibly contains the most individual entries of any blog here at writing.com, and deserves to be recognized as a winning blog.
"Taming the Stars"   [GC] by Satuawany
"Pen Nibbles"   [GC] by Sally

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Static Awards:
must be static items created in 2017 unless otherwise noted

Best Short Poem, Structured
"Plushie Friends"   [E] by ~Dragon~
         There is no one who brings Plushies alive, quite like ~Dragon~ . Not just by animating them, but by weaving within, love, friendship, loyalty and comfort. This is a tiny poem, but like its diamond shape, so does it sparkle!
"Zero Empathy"   [18+] by Lyn
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Excellent poem with beautiful use of vocabulary that paints vivid images in the reader's mind. Very, very impressive!
"Crystal Ball by PurplePrincess
"Week 5 Prompt 3 by Challenged Cadie
"Fairydust"   [E] by ~Dragon~
*Trophyg* Winner: "Abundance by 🌓 HuntersMoon
" A Poem on the Longest Name in New Zealand by Jeannie🍷
         What an interesting nugget of information!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Fun Writer's Cramp entry.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"A Bright Summers Day/ Quills nominee. by Mary Ann MCPhedran
Finalist: "Precipice"   [E] by Teargen
         I'm nominating it because I'm completely blown away. This is an entry to "The Writer's Cramp [13+], and has been written in a short space of time, incorporating twenty diverse elements in to one compact piece that makes sense!
"Children of The World"   [E] by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
          It really touched my heart, her poetry can really touch even the coldest hearts.
"Baseball Camp"   [E] by innerlight 6 years on WDC
         It's whimsical. I like structured poetry and thought this was well written.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Chain Haiku"   [E] by Tinker
"He Called Her Sunshine"   [E] by Tinker
Finalist: "Krampus Dreams"   [E] by eyestar~Happy 13th POWER crew!
"A Recipe for ... by 🌓 HuntersMoon
"The Nation of a Man"   [E] by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
         It is an awesome piece of spiritual literature. It can teach the youth of Biblical History.
Finalist: "Whisper Her Name"   [E] by ♥tHiNg♥

Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Beneath the Tree"   [13+] by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
         It was a contest entry in which a photo was shown of a woman's figure under a tree, I thought this was an original and cool idea.
"The Hen House"   [13+] by Sally
         This cute poem tickled my funny bone--I loved it.
"21 Years"   [13+] by Lady Elf
         One of the most moving pieces I have read.
"Mary Meets Little Bill"   [13+] by Robert Edward Baker
"The Wolf"   [E] by Thewriterwitch
         This poem just captivated me.
"Day"   [ASR] by Mordee2 (aka DeeTwo)
"CICADA SONG"   [E] by Marti
         A wonderful Writer's Cramp Entry.
"Thunder, Thunder in the Hills"   [E] by StephBee
         Stunning sound and pace that mimics the theme.
"Invalid Entry by maryccasey
         Because of it's original "dragon" theme and lively description. I had to laugh! Wonderful image and weave.
I chose this poem as a winning poem for a GOT contest. I liked it because I thought it flowed well, told a story and I liked the way the person had interpreted the theme - I thought it very original! *Delight*
"My Poem on Bulgaria by Jeannie🍷
         Impressive long poem describing Bulgaria in so many aspects, facts weaved in a rhyming way, and fun. I learned a lot.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Delightful structured poem about a sailor and his run, captures an essence of Barbados and dramatic fun to read.
         Great imagery telling a (western) story in rhyme.
"Invalid Entry by Bob retired
"I'll Tell You a Story"   [E] by Naveed
         It touched me deeply.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Sacrifices"   [E] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
         It tugs at the heartstrings, and it's a wonderful tribute to those who serve their country in the armed forces.
An excellent tribute to those who have made the ultimate self-sacrifice by serving in the military.
"Before We Fell"   [XGC] by w0lfbane
"The Burning Tomb"   [XGC] by w0lfbane
Finalist: "Eternal Penance"   [18+] by Andy~~getting back to WDC
         Wonderful poem written partially in response to a Writer's Cramp Prompt, entered in another contest.
"The most noble thought"   [E] by dizzydreamer
         Wonderful poem written in response to a Writer's Cramp prompt.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Wonderful poem written in response to a Writer's Cramp prompt.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Wonderful poem written in response to a Writer's Cramp prompt.
"Liara "   [E] by Sand Castles Shopgirl 739
         Outstanding poetic entry in "The Writer's Cramp
"Bullish!"   [13+] by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
         Who doesn't love a poem about bulls on the loose. 40 lines of lovely bovine rhyme and entertainment written for The Writer's Cramp.
"The Yoda Lamp"   [E] by catdok
         This is clever! Good fun, too.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Unintentional Neglect"   [E] by Lostwordsmith
         It's a sad truth, but one definitely worth sharing, and reading, for both parents and caretakers alike.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Reynolds"   [E] by Teargen
         An outstanding entry in "The Writer's Cramp [13+].
This is a fantastic poem written for The Writers Cramp.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This poem has a very subtle yet deep environmentally friendly warning.
"a dangerous exploration"   [13+] by Rhyssa
         This poem is just amazing!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Overcast Morn (behind every smile) by Brian Keith Compton
"The Quest"   [E] by Soldier_Mike
         Excellent entry in "The Daily Poem [13+]!
"No One Noticed"   [13+] by Maci
         This brilliant poem moved me to tears.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Walking Toward Tomorrow"   [E] by Lighthouse guy
"The Stranger"   [18+] by Jayne
         Excellent poem with beautiful use of vocabulary that paints vivid images in the reader's mind. Very, very impressive!
Finalist: "Autumnal Hues"   [E] by Choconut 🍫
"Invalid Entry by {suser_id:}
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Time Will Only Tell"   [E] by Intoxikatie
"Essence of a Dying Man"   [E] by Tim Dagenhart
"The Faces Of War by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
         It is touching and totally truthful, while not romanticizing war.
"Mourning Glory by ♥tHiNg♥
         This is wonderful, inspirational and moving poem about mourning and writer's desire to instill hope and glory in the wake of death.
Finalist: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Auburn Fire"   [E] by Sand Castles Shopgirl 739
         Tied winner in "The Writer's Cramp [13+]. Also very cute!
"Internal Combustion Due To Construction"   [E] by Jatog the Green
         Fun Writer's Cramp entry.
"A Concrete Appeal"   [E] by Teargen
         Writer's Cramp winner.
"Proud to be a Sister"   [E] by Pesky Amanda is moving...
"Hyundai Pie"   [E] by Jatog the Green
         Funny, cute, Writer's Cramp winner.
"Speech Maker"   [E] by Don Two
         Funny, great imagery, Writer's Cramp winner.
"Lonely Planet"   [E] by Don Two
         Writer's Cramp winner.
"Privileged (or not)"   [13+] by warpedsanity
"Philosophical Musings - Free Will by ~QPdoll
"In the Shadows That You Leave"   [ASR] by Cappucine
"New Years Resolutions"   [E] by Chris Breva Congrats on 13!
         An excellent example of a poem written here at writing.com
"My Dark Abyss"   [18+] by ~❤~Krysha~❤~
Finalist: "Surrender Winter to Spring "   [E] by Nixie 🦊 popping on and off
"Holding hands with the sky"   [E] by G.C.Gray
Finalist: "🥇 American Rainbow by 🌓 HuntersMoon
"The Missing Touch- Quill Nomination"   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
Finalist: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Messy House"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
"Beneath the Surface"   [E] by Goliath
"Do Not Send Them To War"   [13+] by Jellyfish~Locked Down!
         It's emotive and thought-provoking. It's also beautifully written.
"Political Lectures From The Experts On Something by ♥tHiNg♥

Best Long Poem, Structured
"The Journey of George: A 12 Day Parable"   [E] by TroyIsWriting
         Very outstanding work and it took a lot of skill and talent to write such an adorable piece of work that has a good and valuable lesson.
"He Promised Me"   [E] by Sally
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "The Wordsmith."   [E] by Kevin F Dunn
*Trophyg* Winner: "Bubble Trouble"   [ASR] by Kittiara
          Cute poem and teaches an important life lesson - listen to your parents!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This poem is hilarious and extremely well written.
"Rushin' Intelligence"   [E] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "The Bovine Legend of Finnegan"   [E] by ♥tHiNg♥
          A brave and quite extraordinary bovine saves Ireland during a brutal famine. The rhyme fits well into the narration,
bringing it all to life for the reader. And, one can learn a lot from a bull. Simply Moovelous! *Cow*
"Little Girl"   [18+] by Kittiara
         Tells an all too true truth.
I love this piece. It's so powerful.
"Circumstance "   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
         Round 1 Winner of Philosophical Musings.

Best Short Poem, Free Verse
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Or Not to Fly [13+] by Cinn
"In Mongolia [125] by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
         Sweet, meaningful poem.
"Earth"   [E] by amy-Has a great future ahead
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Unbearable Sunshine at the End of the World by Brian Keith Compton
         A "The Daily Poem [13+] winner!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"The Vanishing"   [ASR] by Kittiara
         Short, truthful, relatable, and expresses her feelings well.
"Rainbow Metaphor by Prosperous Snow
"Invalid Entry by {suser_id:}
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Again"   [13+] by Kittiara
         Well-written and great imagery.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Wrath"   [18+] by Sally

Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
"The body of a real woman"   [18+] by Elusive joy
" City Lights"   [ASR] by sindbad
         It was an awesome entry in "The Writer's Cramp.
"Vanishing Glass"   [E] by Alexi
         This is a magical poem, and Alexi has done a great job responding to the provided prompt.
"Title of the Book"   [13+] by ♥tHiNg♥
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Fade Into Memory"   [E] by Lostwordsmith
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "This tapestry"   [13+] by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
Finalist: "The Devil Between My Sheets"   [18+] by warpedsanity
"Shadows Do Not Have Hearts"   [E] by slowmotionsunset
         Superb imagery.
"The Lost Ones"   [13+] by Agent-409
         Outstanding Poetry Written For a Writer's Cramp Prompt. What could be better?
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "phantasmagoria of nocturne and cadence "   [13+] by ~Minja~
"An Irrelevant Note in July"   [13+] by ♥tHiNg♥
         This is a beautiful poem, written with great skill.
"The Turnaround"   [13+] by Fivesixer
         This is beautifully written. I couldn't get it out of my head for a long while after reading it.
"Just White Noise"   [GC] by Sally
         This poem brought a lump to my throat. It's Sally at her absolute best!
*Trophyg* Winner: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         It's so emotional. Really well written.
Finalist: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
Finalist: "Self-Preservation"   [18+] by warpedsanity
"To Adeel"   [E] by Naveed
         Simply beautiful and heart moving!
"Managing Prisoners - a Manual"   [13+] by wordman
         It's very hard-hitting. An unusual perspective.
"Invalid Entry by Bob retired
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Great poem that really makes you understand what its like to live with a mental illness. And by a Newbie no less!
"Turning in Amsterdam"   [E] by VictoriaKelly
         Evokes the felling of being in a bustling, unique city like Amsterdam brilliantly.
"What she remembers before the lamp gutters out [130] by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
"Universe According To The Oldest Sister"   [E] by Fivesixer
         This was an awesome Writer's Cramp Entry, written for a prompt.
"Summer Memories"   [E] by Rhoswen - Goal Reacher
         This poem brought tears to my eyes. It's a tender portrait of a moment from a happy childhood. It's also beautifully written.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Very Emotional and creative-dramatic.
"Love of Two"   [E] by Connieann is missing Mopsy
         This is an outstanding poem about life, love and loss we must all face if we live long enough. Inspired by a prompt in The Writer's Cramp.
"memories collect in the corner of my eye"   [E] by ~Minja~
         Plans, dreams and courage all within one awesome poetic Writer's Cramp entry, inspired by the words of a favorite poet.
"Phantasmagoria"   [18+] by Tiggy
         Vivid imagery and eloquence with a literary flair. Loved the reference to Hemingway's work.
"The Sunflower"   [ASR] by ⱲeϦשᴉ┼cⱨ
         Because the words fit the image of the sunflower so vividly. Beautiful and eloquent and moving. Can't get much better than that, I reckon.
"OMAfuG"   [13+] by Jatog the Green
"Unfinished"   [ASR] by Brian Keith Compton
"Say You Love Me Again"   [E] by Maci
         Heart-wrenching and beautiful poem that highlights the pain of Alzheimer's Disease.
A poignant and beautiful poem.
"Words"   [18+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
         What are words? Just read on...
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
          An interesting twist on a famous poem. The thing is, the poem itself personifies what it talks about - a path less trodden on!
Finalist: "Shame's Genie"   [18+] by Kittiara
         Well-written and clever word play. Also, well done on covering a touchy subject.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Skeletons in the Closet"   [18+] by Jayne
"The River Cabin Rendezvous"   [E] by turtlemoon-dohi
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"I’ll Remember"   [E] by ~Dragon~
         A poem that contains a lot of truth. It made me cry.
"Dancing the War"   [13+] by Kittiara co-written by "Dancing the War"   [13+] by ~Dragon~
         I thought this was a phenomenally creative and groundbreaking poem with the use of music incorporated throughout.
"Uncomfortable"   [E] by Lostwordsmith
"Song of War"   [E] by Tommy Mooney
"The Letter"   [ASR] by Faith Raine
         It's really moving and it has an important message for anyone who has ever been bereaved.
Finalist: "OMG cat!"   [XGC] by Jayne
         A comedic look at life with a cat.
A well-written, fun poem which really made me laugh!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Perception of Time"   [E] by Don Two
         Great response to a "The Writer's Cramp [13+] prompt.
"Construction"   [E] by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend
         Writer's Cramp winner.
"Construction Zone"   [E] by Abby Gayle
         All too true.
"Attention"   [E] by Teargen
"Happiness on."   [E] by John German
         Co-winner in Writer's Cramp.
"Fulfillment"   [E] by Jatog the Green
         Writer's Cramp winner, creative poem.
"🥇 Disappearing Act by 🌓 HuntersMoon
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         A good poem which does what it talks about!
"Rainbow"   [E] by Teerich - 2019
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"The Urge to Dirge [13+] by Cinn
Finalist: "Shopping Cart Tetris [18+] by Cinn
"God Has the Answer"   [E] by innerlight 6 years on WDC
         The author of this poem describes the human problem of not having answers to life's tough questions and then gives the answer to the problem, which is faith.
"i'm with granny now"   [13+] by Sally
"Wine, Baby"   [13+] by slowmotionsunset
"Nothing rhymed"   [E] by dizzydreamer
         "The Writer's Cramp [13+] winner.
"See My Words"   [E] by Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend
         Elfin Dragon drew me a scene which kept this reader captivated.

Best Long Poem, Free Verse
"Archivist of. . ."   [18+] by Whata 4Cs Now Open
         There is so much to read in this poem. Not just in length, but in the intricate placements and phrasings. It's fab Adrie at work!
"Inside My Cardboard Box"   [E] by Alexi
"Papercut"   [18+] by ~Minja~
         It's beautiful. As is all of Minja's writing. But, this poem gave me tingles. I love it!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Lateral Marionette by Fivesixer
"The Sock Monster"   [ASR] by ~Dragon~
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Brilliant description of growth of trees in free verse.
*Trophyg* Winner: " He’s My Sitting Cat"   [18+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
         Visually creative in spacial form (concrete) poem.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Great imagery and abstract.
"Alice in Deadland"   [18+] by ~Minja~
"The One Who Loved Me"   [13+] by Kittiara
          A sweet, touching, emotional and well-written poem.
Very eloquent poem about loving and much-loved and missed family member.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Interesting read!
"Cat On My Head, Dog On My Feet"   [E] by Jayne
"Grunge Lullaby by Fivesixer
"Under the Green"   [ASR] by Naveed
"Just Fine"   [18+] by Kittiara
         A dark truth that's all too true.
"Hauntings & Reruns"   [18+] by Cinn

Best Poetry Collection
" Beetlebung and Kettlehole--April Poems "   [18+] by Joy
         Always a pleasurable reading during NaPo month. Wonderful reading!
"Poetic Experimentation"   [18+] by Kittiara
"Writings for 2017"   [E] by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
         The work shows true talent, I love everything she writes, it is usually sentimental and emotional.
"Pants on Fire"   [13+] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
         These limericks are wonderfully brilliant and they're backed up by facts.
Regardless of your political stance, this author’s sense of humor and poetic talent, especially when it comes to limericks, cannot be matched!
"Burning Brighter, ☀️ New Poetry"   [E] by Brian Keith Compton
"Indubitable Truths"   [GC] by Tiggy
"Poetry 2017"   [18+] by ~Minja~
*Trophyg* Winner: "Also Mutants"   [GC] by Fivesixer
         Norb continues to do his thing, and I and others continue to love reading it.
"World By Design"   [GC] by Fivesixer
"Poems 2017"   [E] by ~Dragon~
         Great range of poems, from the cute to the philosophical.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Book of Miscellany"   [GC] by Cinn
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "My 2017 Poetry Collection"   [18+] by Sally

Best Non-Fiction
"Dear Me Contest Entry"   [E] by VictoriaKelly
         A powerful piece of writing, as an aspiring writer pens a New Year's letter to herself, gently but firmly taking herself to task over last year's procrastination.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "If You Like My Shirt"   [13+] by Cat Voleur
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This poignant and very moving piece was written in response to a Writer's Cramp Prompt.
"The WDC Celebrity Authors Autograph"   [E] by Samberine Everose
         Samberine works hard to recognize different WdC members with this inspiring and engaging activity.
*Trophyg* Winner: "...to Spite Your Face"   [18+] by Cinn
         Powerful piece on a very important subject.
"Leftover women (extended version)"   [ASR] by ~Dragon~
         Thoughtful piece on an issue women sadly still face to this day.
Finalist: "Yes, she will live."   [13+] by Just an Ornery Jyo!
         It is a brilliant combination of an overview of Indian conditions and a very unique personal experience.
"Education Role"   [E] by ~QPdoll
         It's well researched and well written. A really interesting essay, with lots of interesting information.
"Jake"   [E] by Choconut 🍫
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "On Circumcision"   [18+] by Kittiara
         Eye-opening piece.
"Music as Inspiration"   [18+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Personal and all too true for many females.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Bill is a friend. Having read his story I feel I know him better. His story is entertaining and well written.
Finalist: "“I Think, Therefore, I Am”"   [13+] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
"'Dear Me' 2017"   [E] by Sally
Finalist: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Inspirational life event.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Interesting mystery.
"Biographical Non-Poetry"   [E] by Whata 4Cs Now Open

Best Flash Fiction
"Nellie has a Tantrum"   [E] by ~Dragon~
         Because it's a cute little story about a human and her plushie, about their strong friendship, and forgiveness.
Finalist: "Out Of Place"   [13+] by Angus
         This story is well-told and a casual story-teller style reminiscent of stories told around a campfire.
"Red's Basket"   [13+] by MontyB
         It's a great piece of writing about a personified object, and an original, clever retell of an old fairy story.
Finalist: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         A very original telling of a horrific future written by an outstanding story teller.
*Trophyg* Winner: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This heartwarming and brilliant story was the result of a Writer's Cramp prompt, given in August.
Finalist: "The Coffin by iKïyå§ama
         Very powerful writing.
"BLINKERED"   [E] by Temujin
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This is a remarkably moving short story inspired by a prompt in "The Writer's Cramp
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         A vivid and imaginative response to a Writer's Cramp Prompt, very well written!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         One of the best steampunk showcase I've seen so far, not to mention an excellent plot!
Finalist: "A Birthday Unicorn"   [13+] by Rhyssa
         This story is imaginative and has an awesome twist.
Pink, fluffy, kiddy tale with a lesson.
"Reynolds"   [E] by Mordee2 (aka DeeTwo)
         An outstanding entry in "The Writer's Cramp [13+].
"Believe In Your Dreams"   [E] by Dee
         Dee has an exceptionally unique approach to storytelling!
"The Mirror"   [18+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
         This dark story has a "telltale after taste" akin to works by the great E.A.Poe. You'll look twice before looking into the mirror ... Once! *Smirk*
"Celebrity Tree"   [18+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
"WC 17/09/17, A Single Second"   [E] by Jordyn Young
         It's a mysterious, apocalyptic tale that stimulates the reader's imagination.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         I read this item as part of a short story contest judging for GOT and I gave it first place - I thought it was very imaginative and I loved the twist in the story! *Smile*
"Not Notting Hill (Week 2 Prompt 2 1st Place Winner) by Robert Edward Baker
         A GoT Writing Challenge Winner!
"The Killing Joke"   [18+] by Naveed
         An excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry.
"Flight to Castamere"   [13+] by Lt. Storm Machine
          Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"An Unlikely Match by PurplePrincess
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"An Unlikely Match"   [13+] by ~Dragon~
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"Mankind's Last Hope - Week 4:1 - 1,000 words - 1st Place Win by Robert Edward Baker
         GoT Writing Challenge winner!
""It's in the Script!" "   [ASR] by StephBee
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"Enlisting (prompt1 --Week 4) by Joy
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"Night Mission"   [18+] by Lt. Storm Machine
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"Camille by iKïyå§ama
         GoT Writing Challenge winner!
"Yara's Rescue by PurplePrincess
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Week 5 - Prompt 1 - Ambush! by Katzendragonz
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"Week 5 - Prompt 1 - Secret Admirer [Story] by ~ Aqua ~
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"White Harbor"   [13+] by StephBee
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"A Little Fall of Change"   [13+] by CJ Reddick
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"Writing Challenge #2: Movie scene with an inanimate object by Jeff
         Excellent GoT Writing Challenge entry!
"The Story of Tom "   [E] by lezismore-with 2020 vision
"No Net"   [E] by Hitchhiker
"The Fate of a Cake"   [E] by Nixie 🦊 popping on and off
         Descriptive personification of a cake.
"Ace's Encouragement"   [E] by Abby Gayle
         Tied winner in "The Writer's Cramp [13+]. Also very cute!
"The Unhappy Princess"   [E] by Mordee2 (aka DeeTwo)
         Cute Writer's Cramp entry.
Finalist: "Which Came First?"   [E] by Sam N. Yago
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Tobias' Day Off"   [ASR] by Mumsy
         Writer's Cramp winner and great read.
"Denny and Markus Go to In n Out"   [E] by Eddie Lando
         Cute and sweet story.
"King Of Beasts"   [13+] by W.D.Wilcox
         This Flash Fiction was 3rd Place for the Fifth Grim Blunt Contest.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         A mix of Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, and Horror.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This Flash Fiction was Honorable Mention for the Fifth Grim Blunt Contest.
"The December House"   [13+] by ♥tHiNg♥
         This Flash Fiction was 2nd Place for the Fifth Grim Blunt Contest.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         A surreal and terrifying Flash Fiction.
"The Limit"   [13+] by Kittiara
"Disquiet"   [13+] by Eristikos
         This was a paranormal, dark Flash Fiction.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This was a 3rd Place Winner for the Fifth Grim Blunt Contest.
Finalist: "November Rain"   [ASR] by Kittiara
         Cute and unexpected twist!
"The Smell of the Bumblebee's Colours"   [18+] by Jayne
         Fun and unique.
"The Missing Ornament"   [13+] by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
         Brilliant, intricate story written from a Writer's Cramp prompt.
"Odd One Out"   [E] by Lighthouse guy
"Mistletoe"   [E] by D. Reed Whittaker
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"All in a Day's Work"   [E] by LJ Out To Lunch
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Cute love story.
"Battle Royale"   [13+] by Genipher-gone fishing!
         "The Writer's Cramp [13+] winner.
"The Dragon Hotel"   [13+] by Genipher-gone fishing!
         "The Writer's Cramp [13+] winner.
"Junior"   [E] by Abby Gayle
"Time's Dark Edge"   [13+] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
"Invisible Cracks of the Porcelain Doll"   [13+] by Jayne
         It's a raw and honest look inside a BiPolar mind.
"The Mistress "   [18+] by The Ink Maiden~
         This piece is comedy gold.
"A drunk starry night story"   [13+] by Kalesh
         Nonsensible advice that folks should know!
"Call Your Mother."   [13+] by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
         "The Writer's Cramp [13+] winner.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         "The Writer's Cramp [13+] winner.
"Thoughts on Guys Night"   [E] by Aidan the Cynical Shawty
         This piece is so funny. I couldn't stop laughing, and it's actually got quite a bit of truth to it. Great work!

Best Short Story (1)
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         This is a short story that grabs your interest right from the start and keeps you reading to the end to find out what happens next.
"Burnt Pancakes on Trappist-1E"   [E] by QueerQrow - Matthew
"Just a Drip"   [GC] by Sally
         This is a well-written story that captures the essence of the Paranormal Romance genre.
Finalist: "The Ginger Man"   [18+] by John Yossarian
"A Winter Vacation"   [18+] by Jim Hall 5-Yr Anniversary 8/27
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "Show, Don't Tell ..."   [18+] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
         Very touching piece, on an important subject.
Finalist: "Blind"   [18+] by CJ Reddick
         A well written psychological horror!
Finalist: "An Unthinkable Act"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
         This is a powerful story by one of the premiere authors here at WDC.
*Trophys* Honorable mention: "One of Us"   [18+] by Azrael Tseng
         This is a chilling tale from the point of view of a child. Reading it, you are that child and one comes to understand how a terrorist is born.
*Trophyg* Winner: "We'll Rise Up"   [18+] by Winnie Kay
         This story is a well-written and intriguing--a must read!
"Salvation ( word count 1236)"   [18+] by warpedsanity
         Excellent story!!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Always"   [18+] by Kittiara
         Well-written story!
"The Leprechaun who was not an elf"   [E] by ~Dragon~
         Cute story!
Finalist: "Escape Artist"   [13+] by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
         A profoundly moving story about making the human connection in the most unlikely of places.
"Fatalis"   [13+] by SamuelMCameron
         This superb Science Fiction story is a Gold Award winner from the "Other Worlds Contest. In my opinion, it is of professional publishing quality.
"The Case of the Curious Pear"   [18+] by Hannah ♫♥♫
         It's not only a great genre piece but also a tightly-woven mystery story with an excellent twist at the end and impeccable language used throughout.
One of the best steampunk showcase I've seen so far, not to mention an excellent plot!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Good piece that highlights the issue of double standards.
"Henchmen Resources"   [13+] by mikema63
         This story is a whole lot of creative fun!
"Interview at Shetzun"   [13+] by Shaara
         Powerful piece about courage and determination in the face of racism.
"What the Dickens?!"   [18+] by the Wordy Jay
         This story is a whole lot of fun!
"Painted Rock"   [18+] by Fivesixer
         A sweet piece on young love. Strong characters, and a nice spooky touch.
"A Message From The Gods"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
         The most amusing sci-fi story I've ever read.
"The Ruins"   [13+] by ♥tHiNg♥
         A gripping story, written in an excellent tone.
"Edge of Route B"   [18+] by Rustika
         This 'abstract' story by this 'abstract' author is one of the best pieces of horror I've read on here in quite a while, and in my opinion it's very deserving a Quill!
"Keeping Secrets"   [18+] by Bikerider
         This story epitomised the feelings that so many children have gone through in their lives.
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
          Azrael is an exceptionally talented author, and this is a fine example of his penmanship.
"The Trouble with Resurrection"   [18+] by 🌓 HuntersMoon
         Ken never fails to make me laugh, even when he's telling a very deep and meaningful story.
Finalist: "Someone To Watch Over Me"   [18+] by Choconut 🍫
          Excellent story, winner of "What Have You Learned On Writing.Com? [13+].
"Sleeping With Him"   [E] by Mari McKee
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Juanita"   [13+] by HWinB.C.
"From Beyond"   [18+] by PurplePrincess
"Darkness by PurplePrincess
"Heartbreak Boulevard"   [18+] by the Wordy Jay
"Home, Sweet Home"   [13+] by Kittiara
         Really cute story, also placed in the official site contest.
"Bishonen"   [13+] by Lynn McKenzie
"The Masquerade Mask"   [13+] by Lilli ☕
"The Coffee Break"   [13+] by Lilli ☕
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Pumpkin Patch"   [13+] by Malister
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Fooled You, Mom!"   [13+] by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
Finalist: "The End"   [GC] by Osirantinous
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Charley Cancels Christmas"   [E] by D. Reed Whittaker
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         Well-handled, female-friendly erotica.
Finalist: "Her Dearest Wish"   [13+] by Just an Ornery Jyo!
"The Coin"   [E] by Angus co-written by "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor

Best Short Story (2)
"Waltzing in the Moonlight"   [18+] by Sally
"Soulmate"   [18+] by Dee
         This short story won Round 4 of the Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest.
"The Skinwalker"   [13+] by Circuit Rider
         This story won 1st Place, Round 1 of the Spiritual