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Just an idea I randomly came up with at work just now. I keep failing to act on ideas
As the mother rested, the midwife wrapped the infant snugly in velvet and carried it through the frigid midnight air and into the throne room. The soft din of anticipation was snuffed as nobles, attendants, and guardsmen drew back as one to let her pass with the tiny bundle. The midwife approached the throne and, bowing deeply to the aged king, and drew back the plush cloth to reveal the new babe.

A daughter.

The king’s eyes showed distress and disappointment, but his voice spoke, “I shall love her dearly.” Despite his sadness, he smiled.

The following night he welcomed a new wife into his bed. His fourth. When her blood ceased to flow, she and her three fellow wives prayed that the child would be the son their beloved king so desperately needed to keep his country intact.
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