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Super short stuff that came to me. This is mostly free writing to be honest
Dear Aunt Marissa,
I know you've been worried sick since I ran away from home. This is understandable since I didn't leave a note behind. Fret not, I'm relatively safe. Also I had a pretty good reason.
It all begins with a horse. A horse and a prince and a rock to be exact. Yes I promise this letter isn't some twisted joke at your expense, I did see a prince riding a horse and throwing stones at people. It was really weird because whenever I imagined someone of royal blood they'd be sitting on their thrones way up north with a regal expression, not cackling like a madman as they headshot little village children. I had to stop him from causing anymore damage so I shot an arrow at him. Unfortunately instead of hitting his shoulder as I intended, my arrow went through his eyes instead. Now I'm being haunted by the royal guard for regicide and consorting with anarchists. Short story I know, but I really don't have time to write more.
Sorry I won't be home for Harvest,

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