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by Drew
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest · #2117531
thank heaven for little girls

Fairytales and pink toenails.
Braided locks, frilly white socks
Lavender ribbon with green polka dots

Winter bonnet with blue bells on it
Bubble umbrella when it rains
Tap- tap tapping Mary Janes.

Dancing ballet, daisy bouquet
Lolli pops and lemon drops
Hula hoops and hop scotch hops

Buttons and bows, upturned nose.
Sleep overs, giggles and pinky swears
Necklaces, dollies and teddy bears.

Rainbows and kittens and angora mittens
Pink fluffy unicorn blanket and pillows
Sparkly fabric that billows and billows.

Butterfly kisses, magical wishes
Chantilly lace, angelic face
Hair hanging just a bit out of place.

Sweet as candy, cute as can be
Little Miss Ding Dong skipping along
Singing the pink fluffy unicorn song

I wrote 21 lines of structured poetry .There are 7 stanza's consisting of three verses each following an A,B,B rhyming pattern. The inspiration from this poem was my daughter who is now 26. This poem is remembering her when she was a little wish floating around on the breeze. so gentle and sweet and uber girly girl. Even though she's 26, she'll always be that to me. oh and she dressed up as a pink fluffy unicorn for Halloween this year. I don't have the type of account that will let me post pics or i would. she was adorable.
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