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The Intro to the novel im writing about a warrior princess being forced to marry.
Far away in the lush rolling hills of Ardria, where the forests are lush and green, and the rivers very swift and strong, a young king came to power. He was brought from the barren land of Celcea, to unite the kingdoms and seal an alliance that would save them both. He married the Crowned Princess Ameerah of Ardria and their union brought peace to the land for a time but the peace was only temporary.
During the midst of a terrible war the Queen Ameerah became pregnant and hope burned bright that a son would be born for the kingdom needed a champion to lead them when the King could not indulge war any longer. Deep in the harsh winter months a daughter was born to the King and his Queen. The kingdom turned away in disappointment for the hoped-for prince had not come. The queen rejoiced in this daughter because she alone knew that truth that this daughter was destined for greatness as written in an ancient text that was known by only a few scholars. She bore the mark of the guardian. This mark had not been seen for centuries and it was only passed down in the females of the royal line. The mark was bestowed to baby girls as a sign of greatness. The King and Queen named her Emmeline, after the King’s late mother. She was beautiful with curly strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes and fair skin. After her birth, the King and Queen invited all of the kingdom’s nobility to see the new princess. Everyone gave a gift to the new princess as was custom; they gave gold, silver, and precious jewels that were abundant in the foothills of the mountains. Out of all the gifts she received, two of them stood out among all the rest. One of the gifts, from Tristan, the son of Lord Kedar, a necklace made of fine gold that curled close to the throat with a ruby-shaped heart placed at its center. The other, from Javan the son of Captain Sandor, a bracelet made of gold with an amethyst which symbolize power and aquamarines which are the symbol of protection embossed all around it. The boys only three years old at the time of the birth of Princess Emmeline. Their fathers and the king hoped one day either Tristan or Javan would marry Princess Emmeline and become the next king and savior of the nation for men held no stock in prophesies and myths.
When Emmeline turned six years old, Ardria was attacked again by Ironash, a barren country mostly made up of desolate plains and desert, led by a ruthless warrior by the name of Queen Verena. The reasons for the war were many, aside from the lush resources that Ardria controlled, Verena also wanted Emmeline; their histories tell of a marked young woman born under a winter sky but with a heart full of fire who will burn across the land and lead a new forged empire. The war waged on and the kingdom felt it was time to take extreme measures to protect its citizens and the royal family. The citizens were brought inside the kingdoms protective walls and the Queen suggested that Emmeline be trained in the ways of a solider. She insisted that if the palace was ever breached it would give her a fighting chance and as the sole heir to the kingdom her protection was priority. King Nevan resisted at first but the fighting became more brutal and he saw that his wife spoke the truth and allowed it. Emmeline grew into a confident young woman and very talented swordsmen. It is said that by the age of fourteen she could best even the King’s elite guard who are considered to be the best soldiers in the nation. By the time she turned seventeen she was the best swordsmen in the entire kingdom and this was only the beginning of her power.

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