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The start of a story I am working on. Chapter introduces main characters
Breathless, Madison fell gently onto the Egyptian cotton covered king sized bed. Smiling happily to herself as she covered herself up with the soft white bed sheets, it had been a while since she felt the thrill or the excitement of what had just happened between the two.
Gently she traced her favourite tattoo of his, enjoying every moment they had together for the first time in weeks. As they laid together, the morning sun began to creep into the bedroom, gently lighting up the beautifully decorated room they had occupied.

Madison Cooper thought about the two days they had spent together, missing having him around more than this. She missed having the romantic dinner dates, the strolls in Central Park and the weekends away from the complicated issues of the real world. Yet this time, she couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect. From the minute he stepped through the threshold of her gorgeous two-bedroom apartment, Madison was surprised with dazzling gift of a diamond bracelet and beautifully presented bouquet of flowers.

“if only you could stay” she whispered, now resting her hand upon his chest, making the best of the time they had together. He said nothing but pulled her closer, wrapping his protective arms around her slim frame.

She kissed him one last time, preparing for the distance between them to become greater for a while before they both had time to come back together for a night or two. This had become something of a normal occurrence between the two of them. There were times where Madison felt like giving up on them, knowing that there was a chance they would never be together. But how could she give up on someone who was so living and so caring to her?

“Maybe one day”
he was interrupted by the the ringing of his phone. Madison watched as he got up to answer the call, listening to everything he was saying.
“I’ve just landed; I’ll be there soon” he told the person on the other end. Madison knew who it was, the other woman in his life…


“let’s go with the teal and the white” Stella Tansley picking up the two colours amongst a selection of brightly coloured fabrics and holding them against each other. With the deadline for new products looming, Stella was aware that they were behind schedule and the fact that Hailey was nowhere to be found she couldn’t wait any longer.

“everything okay?” Chloe, her assistant enquired. Smiling she nodded, she was simply excited. It had been two weeks since she had last saw her finance and she was missing him dearly.

Stella was engaged to be married to the singer and TV personality Dominic Hunter and even though she was happy she knew there were a few within her inner circle who disproved of the upcoming nuptials. Dominic wasn’t her normal choice in suitor, he was spontaneous and eccentric. But that didn’t bother her, in fact she enjoyed the unconventional choice.

Dominic had been out on tour with his band across the country over the past couple of weeks promoting their new album and now it was time for him to come home for a few weeks. Stella couldn’t wait to see him and be able to plan together for their upcoming wedding.


Her eyes scanned the morning papers at the dinning table, flicking through stories that interested her.
“that’s enough” indicating she had enough coffee without moving her eyes from the article she was currently reading through.

Hailey Tansley was one of the most influential women within the upper east side. She had that being about her, where she could control the room from the moment she walked in and often it worked to her advantage. As she the article she began to feel her stomach knot up and her mind race.

A year ago Hailey divorced her husband, hotel tycoon Oscar Santigago and for Hailey the loss of companionship and intimacy was hard to let go of. They had been married for four years and even though he was seven years her senior, she enjoyed their time together and couldn’t see herself with anyone else, yet anyway.

At the end of the marriage, Hailey was traded in for younger model (Hailey learned a long time ago that her used to be husband did this on a regular basis and naively thought it would be different for her and their marriage would last) so she had no choice about getting divorced, it had happened so fast. However, it wasn’t just the companionship she missed from her former marriage, it was also the financial security.

From the ill-tempered divorce she could only secure the penthouse apartment in New York he had bought for them as their home. He got the house in the Hamptons, the cars, their apartment in Paris…he got everything.

The article described how her ex husband had moved in with the latest trade in and the possible sign of wedding bells could be in the horizon. Hailey pushed back the newspaper, unable to read more and began to drink her coffee, realising she was actually late for a meeting.


The blonde beauty gazed at her reflection in the mirror, studying every inch of her face from her bright green eyes to her rose tinted lips. Every part of this woman was seen a perfection. Aubrey Sterling was known as the envy of every woman within her social circle. She had this natural kind of beauty that others would kill for or pay for. Not only did she have beauty beyond compare but she was seen to have the picture perfect home with a handsome and successful husband who cherished her. It was true, Aubrey did have it all, she had the expensive and beautifully decorated house, the career, the husband and the money, however behind closed doors nothing was at it seems.

Aubrey Sterling was a self confessed perfectionist, she felt as if she had to be in every way perfect. She felt as if she had to keep up the illusion of ever so perfect life she had created. She wanted everyone else to believe that everything was alright when it wasn’t. As she put on her earing she drew a heavy sigh before fixing a smile that matched her picture perfect life.

Picking up her husband’s shirt from the night before she took a minute to inhale, she smelled the sweet-smelling notes of orange blossoms of the other woman in her marriage. The sweet scent become something of a regular scent within the bedroom she shared with her husband. In fact, over the past number of months the sweet scent had become so regular within the marital bedroom Aubrey now disregarded it and became accustomed to it.

Aubrey’s husband, James was having an affair. This was something Aubrey the perfectionist couldn’t control but there was something she could do. she could hide it from the rest of the world, sweeping it under the rug and simply ignore it. In her eyes that meant her husband James thought she knew nothing of the other woman and everyone else believe the story of the perfect marriage believed they were.

Clasping onto the shirt, Aubrey glimpsed at her beautiful ivory dressing table. A photo frame with a photo from their wedding day. Every time she took the time to study the photo, it brought her back to a time, to the last time she was properly happy. There wasn’t much to be happy about these days. She had a failing marriage where her husband felt he had to be with her. As she remembered back to her wedding day she remembered how happy they both were.
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