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by gogo
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Hw to achieve ur dreams😊
We all have things that we 're believing for, dreams that we want to accomplish, proplems we are hoping will turn around.. maybe its to see our family restored or lose some weight ,to break an addiction,to start our own buiness or to be loved...but sometimes as it goes on month after month ,even year after year we dont see anything changing..its easy to get discouraged and think "this is never gonna happen" "this is good as
it gets .i will just learn to live with it"
We all go through disappointments,setbacks, loss.......
Pain is apart of life.its easy to get discouraged ,even better like "why is this happening to me?"
Sometimes we look at peices in our lives that dont make sense ..
The key is what we do in our times of pain !!?
Pain will change us..heartache , loss,disappointments.they dont leave us the same ..
Every painful time even though you dont like it , its developing something in you that can only be developed in tough times ..eventually , that will pass.you will get through it but you will be different
In thoes tough times, when you are uncomfortable ,going through a loss ,dealing with an illness .you can easily let it overwhelm you .now how the pain changes you is up to you ..you can come out bitter or you can come out better .you can come out defeated, giving up on your dreams or you can come out with a new passion excited about the new opportunites in front of you .
Dont complain about the pain, without the pain we couldnt reach the fullness of our destinies ..sometimes we bring pain on ourselves. We make poor choices , get in a relationship we know its not good , maybe get over our head in our spending..nw its painful .we have to deal with consequenses ..
All of us experience pain . My challenge dont just go through it..grow through it 💪
That difficultly is an opportunity to get stronger, to develope character ,to gain new confidence.
Any body can give up.any body can let it overwhelm you....but do you know whats thats going!? Wasting your pain 😔
That pain is not there to stop you, its there to prepare you ,to increase you to develope you .its exist for aporpuse

Difficults are part of life....nw quit telling yourself you cant take it..you are not weak .you are well able 👌..
Eventually, the pain will pass .you will get birth to a new strength ...
Just because it hasnt happened yet , dosent mean that its not going to happen 😃

There will always be forces trying to convince us to settle where we are .life has a way of pushing our dreams down .they can become buried under discouragement , buried under past mistakes or buried under low self esteem...its easy to settle from mediocrity even though we have all this potential buried on the inside

Remember your dream and believe in it
Its not too late to become all that you were created to be..that dream is still alive .you may have tried ayear ago , 5 years ago or 30 years ago..didnt worke out!?? No body was there to help you..go back and try again.
This is your time.this is your moment .your destiny is calling out to you..your dream is not died its just not in season. Your time is coming
Lack is not your destiny .constantly struggling is not the end of your story
These light afflictions are for a moment

The adversity is temporary.the glory is eternal❤

This is your time.this is your moment
Shake off the doubts .shake off the negativity .nw all you have to do is get in the right frame of mind
And Believe that this is the year to get healthy and whole .this is the year to get further in your career , to step into a new level of your destiny .this is the year to accomplish your dreams , to break free from depression , to meet the right people
This is your year for vindication , for restoration , for a new beginings..nw get your mind going in the right directoin :)
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