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The fun follies of youth - John - a good memory.
Ah, sweet rememberies.
Yes, remembering the memories
We had our own language
and playful for our ages

A rainy day, dancing, playing, laughing
soaked to the skin
the air sweet with joy
Maybe getting me wet
was your sneaky ploy

Fast forward to Autumn
kicking and crunching through leaves
On Halloween you'd plead

Beside the fire
Passions fueled.
Nearly accepted.
But promises renewed.

Army called
hugs and tears
phone calls & letters
through the years

interest diverted
balance upheaval
love perverted
Turned out he was evil

Nearly forty years later
we're still in touch
makes for good rememberies
we laugh just as much

But mostly the smiles
that transcend
all the miles
That life has put between us

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