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When writing a cover letter and it's just blank
I'm writing a cover letter, and I've done this before. But as the words are to get to the paper. It just get lost. Somewhere in-between i fraction of a millisecond. So I thought I could share this with you. Where do all thought go. The go to a place called snöberget in Sweden. Snoberget. Its a place, a small hill in the north of Sweden. ~1~

When you get there its snow in the winter. But in the very bottom of the hill you will find a red door, average door. Knock three times and the door will open. First you come to a reception room, and will be asked to wait on a big sign on the wall. As it is in a mountain the wall is made of grayish rock. But they keep a nice temperature in the room. Its lit by candlelight made from something disgusting, and don't ask me. As I think it could be from those who have stayed to long in the room. ~2~

For being a reception room its quit simple. A wooden log placed on cornerstones made of from the raw blasting of the room. The floor is a primitive and the ceiling is raw rock. A black big box with cover is in one corner for emergency. ~3~

If you think you are alone to lose a thought, it would be a terrible thing to say. ~4~

At the door you get your waiting list number from an old paper machine. And at the far end there is a screen like the train station with the number to come. ~5~

As in any waiting people start to talk, and its very frustrating, as you need to remember what you wanted to think. And the minute you get inte a conversation you forget what, where and why you came. You still got your waiting list number, but for what? And was it worth waiting for the thought lost? ~6~

But some are stubborn and as their number comes up, the get to a receptions desk in the wall of the room. You would expect a person, but its not. Its a mirror, an old mirror cracked in the silver and you can only see a dim picture of yourself. And as you stand there the thought comes back. and an new number is seen on the screen for the next person. ~7~

And now comes the hardest part, if you have met someone and stared talking they want to know what your were thinking of. Most people lose their mind here and forget what they came and received. And they leave the room ashamed as they wasted time for nothing. ~8~

But the few that can avoid talking, looking and are able to stay focused, its a wonderful place to be. Just to see. ~9~
By now I have started to get some inspiration and will go back to my cover letter. Thanks for spending some time with me, in my waiting for words. ~10~

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