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Wesley the bunny needs to use the bathroom at school.
Wesley the bunny is an original character by me. He's an anthropomorphic in the third grade and attends his local elementary school with many more of his animal friends. His fur is white with gray spots and he has long ears that are almost always perked up. He's got blue eyes and buck teeth, and he loves to eat carrots, but sometimes he has too many...on with the story!

It was just another day for Wesley the bunny at school. He managed to make his way through math and english without falling asleep, and his favorite part of the morning finally came: snack time. Their teacher, Ms. Horace (who was coincidentally a horse), brought the snack for her class every day.

"Alright class," Mr. Horace said with a smile, "I've got a special treat for you today. My friend is a carrot farmer and he gave me all the carrots he didn't sell to the supermarket, so I've got all-you-can-eat carrots for you!"

"Yes! Carrots are my favorite!" said Wesley with a big smile on his face.

The white bunny was first in line to pick up his carrots. He grabbed one of the plates from the pile Ms. Horace had set up and sat on the floor, soon to be joined by his friends. Their names were Winston, Connor, and Phil. Winston was a Koala bear cub, Connor was a husky pup, and Phil was a skunk cub.

"Woah, Wesley," said Phil, "you sure got a lot of carrots." Wesley was too focused on eating to respond to his friend. He continued to woof down as many as he could eat. Once he finished his fist plate, he ran over to the snack table for seconds and came back to his friends with even more carrots for him to eat.

"Go easy, dude," said Winston.

"Yeah, you might explode, haha," said Connor.

"Don't worry, guys. I've eaten thirty of these things before in a row," said Wesley.

"Oh yeah? How about forty?" challenged Phil.

"Pfffft, that's easy," bragged Wesley. With that, Wesley went over to the snack table, counted out the remaining thirty carrots he needed to eat, and brought them back to his friends. He immediately began chowing down on all of the carrots he could. As he was getting to the last few, his eating got tremendously slower. His belly was full of carrots and he realized that he maybe bit off more than he could chew (literally). His friends began to encourage him.

"C'mon Wesley! You can do it!" said Connor.

"Go Wesley!" said Winston.

Wesley eventually finished the last of his carrots, and he let out a huge belch.

"Gross!" Phil said.

"Just be lucky it didn't come from the other end, haha," joked Wesley. The carrot-filled bunny made his way back to his seat as Ms. Horace told the kids that snack time was over. Wesley sat through his next few subjects and almost fell asleep again. Eventually, recess came and the kids were let outside to play on the playground. A good ways into recess, Wesley god that familiar feeling in his gut. He was going to need to drop pellets sometime sooner or later, and he had the carrots to blame for that. He started to hop around a bit and place his hands on his rear end.

"What's going on with you, Wesley?" asked Connor.

"Why are you hopping around like that?" asked Winston.

"I kinda have to go," said Wesley.

"Go where?" asked Phil.

"You know, go. To the bathroom," Wesley said with a sheepish smile.

"Those carrots catching up with ya? Haha," said Phil.

Suddenly, the boys heard Ms. Horace calling them into the school.

"Boys, I called the rest of the class in five minutes ago! Come in and go straight to your seats so you can watch your classmates do their presentations on the animal body!"

Wesley and his friends ran over to the school, Wesley making sure he didn't have an accident on the way over.

"Can I go to the bathroom, Ms. Horace?" asked Wesley.

"You should've thought about that before you stayed outside for too long. You can go after class has ended," said Ms. Horace.

Wesley, with a nervous look on his face, made his way over to his seat and sat down, his stomach growling as he did so. He made his way through a few presentations, but the urge to go was overwhelming the nervous bunny.

"Alright, class," said Ms. Horace, "who would like to go next."

Wesley shot his hand up with the hope of being able to take a visit to the little bunny's room.

"Wesley, you're up," said the teacher.

"Um, I was actually just wondering if I could leave to go to the bathroom," said Wesley with a sheepish grin on his face. The whole class giggled at his remark.

"I told you earlier that you'd have to wait until after class. Now, I believe it's your turn to present," said Mr. Horace as she directed Wesley to the front of the class.

Wesley slowly made his way up to the front of the room. He turned towards his class and began to speak.

"My presentation is on the digestive system," Wesley said as he squeezed his legs together slyly, trying not to let anyone notice. Just after his introduction, however, his stomach rumbled loudly. The whole class began to giggle at Wesley's situation.

"Heh heh, anyway..." said Wesley, "the digestive system processes the food we eat and gives us nutrients. The food travels down the esophagus, through the stomach, through the intestines, and then goes out your butt, heh heh."

The whole class laughed at the last part, and almost as if it was on cue, Wesley accidentally let loose a fart. He immediately blushed as the whole class erupted into laughter again.

"Heh, heh," Wesley said nervously, "sorry about that. Carrots get me a little gassy." The class laughed at Wesley's remark, and Wesley was feeling okay about things. Wow, that could've been a lot worse, he thought. Just as he was about to make his way back to his seat, his stomach rumbled one last time. Wesley had a shocked look on his face and his ears perked up. Oh no, he thought to himself, not good. He could feel his bunny business pushing for an escape. Wesley was frozen out of fear and knew that he wouldn't make it to the bathroom. His knees bent a little and he closed his legs together. His tail lifted slowly and he began to drop pellets in his undies. If the bulge starting to form in the back of his pants wasn't telling enough, a few of the pellets fell out of his shorts and onto the ground, and the whole class caught onto what was happening. All of his classmates began to giggle and laugh at the display Wesley was putting on as the helpless bunny smiled nervously. Wesley wasn't wearing a belt that day, so as his undies kept filling with his business, they eventually couldn't stay on him anymore, and they fell down with his shorts! Wesley didn't notice this was happening until he saw the girls in his class blushing while pointing at his lower half and laughing. He looked down to see that his furry bunny bits were out on display for the whole class! He quickly moved his paws over his privates and blushed while smiling bashfully, embarrassed beyond belief. To hide them better he turned around to face away from the class, but he didn't realize that he was now showing the class his bare bunny butt. To make matters worse, he was still popping out pellets, only this time, the class could see them drop from his tush into his fallen shorts. Realizing that the whole class (including the girls) could see bunny pellets dropping from under his tail, he quickly covered his naked heinie by moving his tail down. With a few more embarrassing farts coming from under Wesley's poofy tail, the nervous bunny's bathroom break finally came to an end. Wesley quickly bent over to pull his shorts back up, giving the whole class one last view of his "pellet factory" and his bunny balls dangling between his legs (which the girls giggled and pointed at again). He turned around with his paws holding up his poo-filled shorts, an embarrassed smile still on the young bunny's face. Ms. Horace was in shock throughout the event and couldn't bring herself to say anything until after Wesley was done.


"Ummm," said Wesley, "and that was my demonstration of how the digestive system works."

The whole class burst into laughter yet again. Ms. Horace was furious with how innappropriate Wesley's presentation was,

"I ought to call the principal," said Ms. Horace over the kids' laughter.

"I guess I deserve that," said Wesley. "But first, I have to go clean up. Bunny pellets are super smelly. I guess that's what I get when I eat too many carrots."

And Wesley ran out of the class holding up his falling shorts with his paws, leaving his laughing classmates and a trail of falling pellets behind him.
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