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Dark Dreamscape contest 2d place. a woman buried beneath a tree. 2017 Quill nominee
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second place Dark Dreamscapes contest

193 words
34 lines

Beneath the Tree
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

He buried her ‘neith the tree,
That is where her body be.
Alive was she, placed in the ground,
No one nowhere heard a sound.

Her nails were broken from digging dirt,
He removed her blouse and her skirt.
He stole from her virtue and life,
This he achieved using a knife.

Slowly he cut her, making her scream,
She closed her eyes as if it were a dream.
Please she begged, to no avail,
Her blood spilled making her pale.

The dastardly dude who tortured her,
Covered himself with a blanket of fur.
It was the middle of winter there,
But he stripped her nude he didn’t care.

Buried her body beneath the tree,
For now no one could ever see.
She died slow, she suffocated,
He didn’t care he desecrated .

Her grave was there, no one would know,
This beastly guy never let her go.
Her tears turned the dirt to mud,
As her head hit the ground with a thud.

He was a monster, a real sadistic slob,
Never worked or held a job.
A missing poster hangs upon a post,
Depicting her, but now she’s just a ghost.
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