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A woman murdered, buried under a tree, gets her revenge
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I was murdered and buried deep,
Neath the ground, a forgotten heap,
People looked, but couldn’t find,
Cause I’m buried under a white pine.

I feel tree roots growing around me.
Captured, and known as an abductee,
I disappeared in a cloud of suspicion,
Then killed, waiting for my transition.

Who did this to me? It's always on my mind,
It's an eye for an eye, as my body unwinds,
I decide to come back as a ghostly vision,
I float up... With an unworldly supervision.

I’ll find out 'who's the one' who murdered me,
And why he buried me under this pine tree,
I'll make sure he’ll swing by the neck til dead,
And bury him under this pine tree instead.

He’ll rot in my place as I move on,
Here’s hoping I won’t see him anon,
Revenge enacted, I turn, face the light,
Will I move on, be accepted at first sight?

My soul becomes freer as I cross over,
Leaving behind my death, and that ogre,
I’m feeling once again my world’s aligned,
As love flows over me, I’m on cloud nine.

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I wrote this for
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