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a love story
She had misfired. The bullet had ended up in her arm. Her mother was banging on her door. her father was the one who broke it down. she was banging weakly on the cupboard door. her mother opened it to find her daughter bleeding uncontrollably. she passed out.
she woke up in the ICU, her arm in a sling, her mother and father by her bed side, and her brother rushing to the ICU. everyone was asking her what had happened but she hadn't said a word.
she got out of hospital five days later, and two weeks later she bumped into her ex boyfriend. he tried to walk up to her but she swiftly shook her head to stop him in his tracks. he stood still and she walked the other direction. she wasn't planning on talking to him anytime soon.
when she walked into class the following week, everyone tried to comfort her. she just quietly nodded in agreement to their words of sympathy. at lunch time, she bumped into her ex again. he sat at her table and begged her to listen. he said he was sorry an that he had made a mistake. he grabbed her hand and pleaded for her forgiveness. she whipped her hand away, said no and ran out of the cafeteria. she ran into the deserted library and he ran in after her. the Liberian was out to lunch. the girl dodged between shelves of books till she found her self face to face with her ex. he grabbed her, and she struggled out his hands. they stood there yelling at each other. she lost her temper and pushed him. he stumbled back, tripped over some stray books and crushed through a closed window. the shards of glass cut him badly but he did not die.
someone called the cops and she was charged with attempted murder. in the court room the boy said it was an accident , that he had tripped after she pushed him. but she did not mean to push him out the window. when asked what happened the girl explained, with vivid detail, the events that had lead to the situation now at hand and that when she pushed him she had somehow wanted him to fall out of the window and had smiled when she saw him laying on the ground with glass stuck in him and how morbidly sweet her sudden revenge had tasted. she had felt her insanity set in slowly and she had like what happened. the judge, who now assured of the girls unstable mental state, could not have jailed on the charge of attempted murder, but her sent to intense psychotherapy on the count of pleading insanity.
she was insane but as stupid as he was, he still loved her and continued pleading for forgiveness. she stopped caring along time ago but keeps count till the day she's let out of the prison walls of crazy people so that she can finish the job she blindly set out for.....

*the end of part 2*
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