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by Zeke
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This my absolute opinion.
In modern times, especially here in America, there is a large portion of our society that believes in racial discrimination. Some of them are blatant in their beliefs, while most repress their feelings, but nevertheless hold them.

Judging someone only because of their skin color has always been quite difficult for me to understand. Nevertheless, it’s real and has caused a number of sad performances in our country; both overtly and subtly. Riots, protests and outright violence have often centered on purely racial judgments.

If you take time to study the most prejudiced people, they are quite often people who profess to be staunch Christians. This has always mystified me, because the very scriptures they profess to accept as God’s infallible word orders us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Surely cross burning, segregation and hatred are not expressions of any kind of love I know of. They are based on man’s pride and belief that somehow only they are superior.

In my opinion, the inconsistency of these beliefs is obvious. First of all, in the Book of Genesis where the creation is described, there is absolutely no indication as to what skin color Adam and Eve were. For all we know they might have been black. Also, the single language spoken right after creation, and for many years thereafter, seems to have been the language of the Creator. It wasn’t until God confused men’s language at Babel that a multitude of languages came into being.

There isn’t even any description of how Jesus himself appeared. The fact that he was born in what is now the nation of Israel, might indicate that He was dark skinned and swarthy, however God’s word says nothing about His true appearance.

The Bible indicates that God sees all men the same. The mere fact that some are dark, some are short, some are fat and some are women doesn’t seem to matter to Him. He says in many places in the Bible that He wants all to be saved and become His sons and daughters.

Then I have to ask, who do we think we are, deciding for our Creator who is better than another? The Bible clearly says not to judge others unless we wish to be judged ourselves. This ultimate inconsistency of prejudice is clearly the work of Satan in mens' hearts and not God’s will.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2117892