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My lucid dreaming story
I grew up in an apartment block on the 8th floor with my family. I always was the stubborn and restless usual kid, a bit too smart for my wellbeing. One of the crazy things I did once was to hang of the window on the 8th floor. I was mesmerized by the way the world looked upside down.
After some time we moved and lived in a house at the edge of the city. One of my duties home was to pick up my sister from school daily at precisely 5 o`clock in the evening. So one evening, when I got to her school, I noticed , at the top of a tall tree, a soccer ball. I was never good at that sport, but I wanted that ball so bad, I had to have it. So I started climbing the tree. I remember I was so close, I could almost touch it, sadly it was out of my reach. Eventually I gave it up and decided I had to get my sister and go home. As I was trying to climb down the tree, a branch broke and I fell and broke my leg. I was conscious the whole time and will never forget what that felt like. My leg got better after a while but something was always the same since then, the same dream.
In my dreams, the first thing I remember is I was falling face-up through branches and I could feel them breaking under my weight. It always ended with my death on the ground, aware of that pain.
I kept on dreaming this for a while and something changed.
The difference was that I could clearly see where my fall began. I was able to look around before the jump but couldn`t recognize the scenery. That`s when it struck me! The place was the balcony of the apartment I grew up in. I looked down and understood that I HAD TO jump. So I did, and for another few months the end was the same, me dead on the ground, falling face-up through the branches. But the beginning had changed and I was able to remember my old dreams in the dream I was having.
That gave me hope, and the fact that I didn`t wake up on the moment of my death also helped.
Whenever I found myself at the window I knew, that is when I remember the old dreams. At first I tried to pay more attention to what happens before the branches, how does it happen that I end up falling on my back. Step by step, after many months I managed to fall on my face or try to land or grab the branches. Nothing was working, I just couldn`t escape that death at the end of my dream.
I tried so many things, I was restless and kept on coming up with different ideas to try and land. Just try to imagine dying every nigh only to wake up empty in the morning. Eventually I ran out of ideas.
Around that time I found myself reading online about lucid dreaming. Some people claimed they could do whatever they wanted in that state. That`s when I understood what a gift I had to be able to actually be conscious in my dream, even remember the older dreams.
So one day, I was at the window waiting for the moment to jump. I knew I had no new options but I was there and was going to jump at some point anyway. The moment I jumped I felt weightless, got a new idea and died again.
Next night, for the first time, I rushed to the window and pushed myself against the building trying to get farther from the building. After many, many tries I was able to hover over the garden in front of the apartment block.
When I understood I was able to hover I understood that I could actually do absolutely whatever I wanted in my dream.
So one day I just flew! I flew free like a bird in the sky! I could feel the wind taking my breath and the speed pushing against my face. I was flying and it felt amazing.
So I died 1000 times , and all of it to fly once. I would do it all again.
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