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Series of personal thoughts shared with words
I am unsure about what to do with my life and am concerned with too much. The path of my thoughts goes beyond that of human thought. I am trying to understand the answer to the most basic question that haunted humanity ever since the very existence of human thought, "Why"?
This simple question can unlock the very mysteries of the universe and bring us, human, to another dimension of life. That sole answer holds the very key to the purpose of life. I want to see beyond imagination. But that is not a simple matter and the answer I seek is not comprehensible by our material selves. So what I seek is basically unachievable. But what I know is that one day some kind of an answer will come and I'll finally be free to live.
Time, the only measurement that makes sense. How would we be if there was no notion or existence of time? Would we be immortal? Would life itself have any meaning to us? What would we be?
Time is something we measure but are unable to explain. If you tried to "see" time you know how much it goes beyond our capability to understand. Trying to explain time to us would be like trying to explain a square what a cube is.
A square is bi dimensional. For it there is no notion of spatiality. It just doesn't exist. That's why it is so hard to understand time. Time is beyond our dimension. All we have been able to do is apply a measurement so we can report to it. But time is so much more. Time is the only clue we have on something beyond the third dimension. We are like the square and we are trying to understand the cube, time.
What we are is defined by the knowledge we accumulated in our lives. A collection of knowledge and experiences. So we, ourselves are not the body, nor the soul, we are defined by our knowledge and experiences. That is what we are. The body is merely a material vessel in witch we collect all that.
But the real question is not how long will we, the humanity, live, but how are taking all that collection of experiences and knowledge beyond. What is beyond, how is beyond. I think is only natural to wonder and ask questions, however I am aware that the answer lies somewhere, sometime or somehow.
Procopiu Alexandru
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