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by To Us
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My thoughts on the news
You watch the news day after day
Never questioning what they say
Blindly accepting their point of view
Cause it's on news, it has to be true
Control the information, control the public
Cause nobody is going to dare to object
Nobody's gonna say that's wrong
It's easier to just move along
A word here with a certain connotation
Soon everyone agrees if they watch that station
We are deaf when we need to hear
The lies that are entering our ears
From their silver tongue
Our minds will remain ever young
Unless we decide enough is enough
And begin to see past this ridiculous stuff
The whole unbiased news line
We all know that's no new lie
Then we go listen to CNN or Fox
As we choose to keep our minds in this box
We're all being brainwashed but we choose not to see
That the only bad guys are the ones on our TV
We don't want to accept that the world's messed up
Not when it's easier to just give up
In the age of information, ignorance is a choice
Unless you've been conditioned that there's only one voice
The voice that feeds you how they want you think
The voice that would control you, that would have you sink
Deeper into ignorance, deeper into bliss
Easier to control if all the lies you miss
So maybe we should start to think
Do we want to swim or do we want to sink?
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