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I Am Suzan
I Am Suzan
By Tarak Ghosh
For 18+

I am Suzan' is a fictional story that addresses abuse within the care system and draws the reader into one young girl's plight.
This story will appeal to readers who prefer to read: realistic conspiracy stories; stories that have strong female characters who have determination and guts or an intriguing mystery story. https://www.amazon.com/Am-Suzan-journey-biological-mother/dp/1520537956
Mystery 2
Supernatural and Science Fiction
'Hell Flower' and 'Invisible', two books under single cover.
Detective Frank Davis solved the mystery of venomous invisible woman and the mystery of radioactive hell flower.

Hell Flower
Hell Flower ( Steamy Hot Science Fiction )
By Tarak Ghosh
Paperback : $6.50
'Hell Flower' is a steamy hot science fiction that you ever read. Hell flower didn't come from the hell, but it made the lives hell of them who touched it. It had a mysterious power. In a city of America, three women were mysteriously scorched to death and Detective Frank Davis was assigned to solve the mystery. Finally he discovered that .......

Crime and Passion

'INVISIBLE' is a story of a mysterious invisible woman who kills guys after having sex. CCTV surveillance system cannot capture her. She is pretty with blue eyes, long brown hair and trim waist. When she walks in, sexy night turns into deadly nightmares; sexual pleasure changes to pleasure of death. When she disappears, she left behind venom infected dead bodies.
The first target of this mysterious killer was Rick, a young insurance agent whose body was found lying dead on the floor of his apartment. CCTV footage reveals that the only person who entered Rick's room before his murder was Mrs. Howard, a family friend of him. However, physical evidences reveal the presence of another woman.

Hunger Eternal
Hunger has various faces

For 18+
Hunger is the basic instinct of all living creatures. It is the main driving force, which provokes people to do well or do bad. Hunger has various faces by which it mesmerizes people.
Sometimes, starvation becomes a weapon and hunger becomes an issue. Robin was not competent for this world. He was a handicapped person and he could not stand like a human as Polio had eaten up his two legs. He crawled on the ground like an infant or like a reptile.
The politicians tactfully used his 'quality' in various ways. The ruling party used him for the polio campaigning, and he was used by the opposition parties as the symbol of a lame government. Press, politician and police all started playing a new game issuing the shameful death of a starved man. It was a struggle for their existence. Robin had a spine and he protested against drug trafficking. However, he had to pay for that.

"ASAMPTO" By Tarak Ghosh
A Collection of Bengali poems.
E Version : https://pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-tarak-ghosh-asamto

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