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News about Jane Austen for this month.
Jane Austen Newsletter April 2017
Editor: Princess Megan Rose

Hello Janeites! Welcome to another issue of my Jane Austen Newsletter. I almost didn't do a newsletter this month but I changed my mind. I hope you will enjoy this newsletter.

I decorated my table for Easter. I put a pink tea pot table cloth on my table and I keep my Jane Austen blue and white tea pot and tea cups on my table all the time. The Jane Austen tea set is a gift from my dear friend ~Minja~ . This is like a connection to Jane for me. I love my tea sets.

Sadly, Jane may have died of arsenic poisoning from the metal in her eye glasses. The eye glasses were examined under a microscope. It took 200 years to find this info. I didn't know Jane wore glasses. Poor girl. She is also believed to have Addison's Disease, cancer, drinking unpasteurized milk and now arsenic may have killed her. Arsenic was found in wall paper, medications and water back in Jane's time. How sad. Jane also has Rheuitism Arthritis. The poor woman. My friend has RA so bad and she works in health care like me and keeps going.

At Chawton House where Jane once lived, the wall paper was hung upside down. Plans are being made to change the wall paper. Jane's ring, books, jewelry and other items she owned will be displayed all over the house. It is the 200 year Anniversary of Jane's death.

A.K.A Martin dresses up in 1800's clothes at the Jane Austen Centre and is nicknamed Mr. Bennett. He greets visitors at the Jane Austen Centre. He has been Mr. Bennett for ten years. I have seen a video of him. He makes the mannequin of Jane Austen outside the centre come to life and she dressed in blue, wearing a light brown rain coat and walks all over Bath and people look at her as she goes to the book store and looks at books. She is eating an ice cream cone, gets on a bus and acts like a modern day woman. The video is called Jane Austen's Day Out and can be found on You Tube. This video is priceless. The old man is so sweet and I can believe he is Mr. Bennett. I would love to hug him. The young woman playing Jane is so pretty.

In Greece, some kids did an antibully compaign. They made cards with Jane Austen pictures and quotes hoping bullies will read these and not bully anyone. Wouldn't it be great if Jane could put an end to bullies? Wow.

Jane Austen had a lot of potential boyfriends and husbands. Charles Powlear wanted to kiss Jane when she was 20. Tom Lefroy was like Mr. Darcy to Jane but she didn't get to be with him. Rev. Samuel Blackall wanted to marry Jane but she wasn't interested. She accepted Harris Biggs Wither's marriage proposal but changed her mind and turned him down the next day. She also turned down a lawyer William Seymour. Some say Jane was too busy being a writer to be married. I think she felt these guys weren't right for her and Ton Lefroy she couldn't have. Guess we will never know for sure.

If you have any news about Jane Austen, I would love to hear from you. I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. This is all I have for this month.

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A neat Jane Austen ladies pictures.
Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.
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