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The Aliens don't always show common sense.
Non Declaration 14: The Aliens Don't Always show Common Sense.

The smoking gun that Aliens are present is evidenced by cattle mutilations. You can reach out and touch a dead cow that has been harvested for organs and dropped back to earth. This is tangible. It is like going to Egypt and touching a pyramid. Hypnosis and Remote Viewing might be dismissed as voodoo science and using anti gravity to lift thousand ton rocks, as conjecture, but there is no dismissing a cadaver dissected by the aliens.

Linda Moulton Howe is largely responsible for getting the word out on cattle mutilations. For those who are unaware, it's closely related to the human abduction phenomenon. The difference is that humans are usually returned alive. In the case of animals, once selected parts are removed, what is left of their body are unceremoniously dropped to the ground below.

Early in her investigative work Howe interviewed a local sheriff. Asked what he thought was going on the sheriff pointed to the sky and told her it was extraterrestrials. She was shocked and taken aback. " It's true," the sheriff said, "but don't quote me on it."

Despite Linda's skepticism, the sheriff's view was given support by a local veterinarian who was summoned to the scene to examine one of the dead animals. The Vet related that he had no explanation based upon his training and experience. The precision of the incisions, and absence of blood were not work of any science he was aware of. He went on to say that he did not want to be called in the future when these incidents were reported. The mutations happened regularly during the early 50s to the 90s and numbered in the thousands.

So common did the practice become that local ranchers, began accepting them as a cost of doing business. In 1980, Howe's boss began to lose interest and the whole matter might have dropped off the radar but for an unexpected break. A witness, Judy Dorary saw an animal abduction taking place. While her recollection was unclear, she began to experience sever migraine headaches. Under hypnosis she related her experience.

Seeing a bright light over a pasture, she stopped and got out of the car. A calve was being lifted into a hovering craft. Her recollection faded but under hypnosis the details became clear once more. She and her daughter were also abducted and taken up into the craft. There Judy witnessed the dissection.

Two small humanoids about three feet tall stood near her in a laboratory like setting. She was informed that they were conducting tests. The pair said they were stationed here on earth and were doing work, the purpose of which was the "...betterment of mankind." The concern of the aliens was pollution that was finding its way into animals and human via toxins in the water. It was just a matter of time before people started dying, they informed her.

Doray felt the aliens were "...talking down to her." she asked about God and was told, "He's the same to us as he is to you."

While she watched the pair dissected the calf... they were particularly interested in the reproductive organs saying.... "...in each generation the toxins are more pronounced."

When finished with the calf they laughed and let it drop to the ground below. They told Judy she would not remember any of this...

Suddenly Dorary saw her daughter on an examining table in an adjacent room. She freaked out thinking they were about to do to her child what she had just witnessed with the calf. She became hysterical and began to scream.

She watched helplessly as tissue samples were swabbed from inside her daughter's mouth.

the next thing Judy remembers is back at the car with her daughter. None of the other passengers remembered anything.

Howe is convinced there's some connection between the government and animal mutilations. Some believe it's a quid pro quo. The government turns its head on abductions and animal mutilations. in return the Aliens facilitate our understanding of space travel. These Aliens are not showing much common sense in abducting humans and mutiiating cattle. Instead of promoting the mutual coverup they're raising a red flag.

Reference: Alien Agenda, page 267-268

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