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Reverse Engineering has and continues to take place.
The Day After Roswell... Col Corso

1. Image Intensifiers: Night viewer pulled from the wreckage at Roswell. Dr. Fredericks Ft. Belvoir

2. Fiber Optics: No conventional wiring in Roswell crashed saucers... single glass filaments that ran through the panels of the ship... filament harness broken loose in crash. Separated into twelve frayed filaments that looked like quartz. Different filaments emitted different colors... found to be glass crystal tubes... different colors in different tubes....each color or light had its own wavelength...guessed the frequency of the light wave activated a specific component of the spacecraft's control panel... still emitted light even though bent back and forth like a paper clip.

3. Supertenacity fibers: Discovered at the Roswell crash site were strands of fiver that even razors couldn't cut through. It could be stretched, twisted and resist breaking despite the application heavy torque loads. When tension was released it snapped back to its original shape without any loss of tension. Like a ceramic it encased the ship and the outer skin layer of the EBEs. A lightweight and protective skin around aircraft.... Kevlar.

4. Lasers: Advanced wave stimulation instrumentation....physics of a a basic microwave generator... also short ,stubby, internally powered flashlight device that threw a pencil-thin intense beam of light for a short distance that could cut through metal... found in Roswell saucer... used in organ harvesting?

5. Integrated circuits and microminiaturization of logic boards: Charred semi-conductor wafers broken off some larger device at Roswell crash site. Transistor and first solid state components...computer industry....fifteen years later....first microcomputers.... silicon wafer technology...printed circuits

6. Particle Beams ("Star Wars" antimissile energy weapons): Accelerated particle weapons: It was hypothesized that lightening was the cause of the Roswell crashes... it excites the atoms in a target,causes them to disperse, and the target to explode. Uses a beam of protons... neutral beams can be directed over long distances.

7. Depleted uranium projectiles: The search for a molecular aligned composite ceramic that the Roswell craft used led to deleted uranium projectiles capable of penetrating the composite skin of an EBE space craft.
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