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something i decided to make { its not done}
{Hello good sir, I’m sorry to announce that those 10 men you sent out to explore the house did not return. Please forgive me for not telling you about this sooner, I would have but I had to talk with the family’s. If they come by, give them my apologies, I will be staying here for a while. Me and my crew will be risking our life’s and exploring the house to see if we can find the bodies. If I don’t return, you know something happened I hope you get this before then.}

DAY 1: We had just entered the abandoned house when I already noticed one of my men missing, I walked down this long hallway when I started to notice eerie music starting to be played. It sounded as if a flute was slowly being burned but sound still coming out of it. Now only having 12 men with me I ran back to where they were. I probably should have told them to stick together. I found one of them in this lovely room, well almost lovely. It was a nice room other than the baby doll on a deer head plaque, the measly doll was just hanging on one of the antlers. Another part of that room was this weird painting of a man at least, I thought It was a man, it had the manly face shape and facial hair but the face expression its self-looked like a small child’s face, a male child. I walked out of the room to turn back and see just a wall behind me. I found 2 of them in the living room, there was a nice white couch, very soft if I do say so myself but when I looked behind it, I found a dolls head. Very nice surprise. I found the rest of my men in the office room nothing much in there, only a few pens.

DAY 2: Another interesting day in this house. I went down the hallway that the eerie music was coming from to notice not a flute but a piano. I sat down on the lush velvet seat and rested my hands on the piano keys. I played a slight tune and noticed the sound coming from the piano was just slightly off key. All this piano needed was a slight tune up, a slight tune up…. and it would be good to go. By the time I finished playing a tune on the piano the eerie music playing stopped. Now I was curious but as people say, curiosity killed the cat, so I decided not to investigate. An hour later one of my men called for me, so of course, I go to see what he wanted. I got the group of men who were sticking together when they showed me a shoe, but not just any shoe, it was a red high heel. I told my men to discard of it asap. We found a bedroom with two master beds, a rocking chair, a sofa, and a very soft carpet. We decided we would take turns sleeping on the bed and on the ground, or were ever we find a comfortable place to sleep, I got second night on the bed. I had fallen asleep when suddenly I heard the water in the bathroom running. I got up and went to the bathroom. I turned off the water and went back to bed.

DAY 3: I woke up before all my crew did. I noticed the water in the sink turned on again. I went up to notice one of my men washing their hands. He must have woken up before me. I decided not to start a conversation. We had more house to explore, in the town off tombstone. I saw a sign it looked like it had black goo on it. I had no idea what it was, I asked my men what they thought it was and well... they had no idea.

DAY 4: I walked back to the work room to realize there was no work room It was a child’s room. Next to that room was a bedroom. Now things were getting weird, this house started to look like a regular house, but when I looked down I noticed a wire, a trip wire? One of my crew decided to step on it. They landed in a pool of blood I’m guessing, when the guy fell in red liquid went everywhere. We decided to not bother him and well leave him alone because he was on the verge of dyeing. So we walked away. We heard his screams and decided to keep ignoring him. We went on to realize there were more arrows blood baths and acid rain to expect but no time to worry we still had to find the bodies of the lost men, there was also more of the house to explore

DAY 5: I have stopped jotting down how my nights go because I think it’s just a waste of my time and whoever finds this, but I will still be jotting down the days. Well as I was saying this is how my day went. First I noticed the farther I walked the bigger the room got. The longer the hall got. The tripper the walls got. I wanted to go back but there was no back only forward. I kept walking forward but I was only going back now.

DAY 6: I finally got out of that trap. That infinite loop of nothing but confusion and sorrow. I kept seeing visions every time, visions. I decided to take a nap, the maybe that would calm me down after the pain and suffering of the infinite loop. I went to go lay down in the bed: nothing happened: I drifted off to sleep: nothing happened: But when I woke up I was outside. Outside on my lawn? There lawn? It had to be someone’s lawn, but I had no idea where I was. I got up to realize I wasn’t even near the house or any house. Infect all I saw was white. I got up and took a look around. I saw nothing but then when I looked down I saw the house. I wondered where I was. I looked up and saw the regular sky. Then when I looked forward, I was back at the house and on the ground.

DAY 7: I feel like I’m going nowhere. I wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t getting anywhere. All my life’s accomplishments in the trash and burned to ashes, everything I have tried for. All I wanted was fame and money. I sat down and put my head in my hands. I started crying due to stress, I didn’t want to be here anymore. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I just wanted to go home. Get out of this place. Maybe it was all just a bad dream, maybe just a nightmare of reality. Nothing was making sense. Nothing at all. I felt like I was one of those missing people. One of the ones that had died and the rest of my crew the same amount of people. Maybe I was one of them. All these thoughts going in my mind. Am I going crazy? Hahahah no? am I? no that can’t be possible. Who is this even going to. HELLO? WHOS READING THIS. I am crazy Hahahah
I can’t p o ssibly be crazyy not me hahaha HAAAAAAAAAAA

DAY 8: …… nothing much new just being paranoid Hahahah I thought I saw one of my men but he was dead. I saw some random lady today her neck looked a bit weird but I didn’t think too much about it. Although I should have because she had blood on her face. But anyways. Who am I to know what, what is and all that, I’m not paranoid, maybe that was one of my men and I was seeing things. Yup that’s what it was just me seeing things. I ran into that lady later on in the day at about 5:00. She seemed nice, I couldn’t understand her though, the noises she made; like nails on a chalk board. Her stare: as cold and dead as a 100-year-old skeleton. Her hair as matted as an old rug in a dumpster. Her clothes as ratted as torn curtains that were thrown away. I didn’t know this lady but she said she knew me. Maybe I’m actually crazy, I asked her she said I wasn’t, that this is all just a bad dream or something like that.

DAY 9: wow how have I survived 9 days. I never knew I would get this far. I’m nine days in and don’t know if I’m going mad or what. Or what is real or not, or if I’m real or not. I know I’m real I’ve got to be real RIGHT…

DAY 10? Wait no maybe its day 11? all I did today was sit on the ground and cry, cry out all my sorrows I fear this is the end I think I hope it’s not… I don’t think it is. I mean does it truly ever end. Life is a circle it goes on and on right? …. doesn’t it. Wow being separated from humanity does drive people into insanity slowly day by day, hour after hour, minute after minute. I feel all hope is lost

DAY 11: For once it was a normal day. Finally, for once. I spent today relaxing, and reading what books there were. Just like at my old house. My old house... the one I used to have before I signed up for this. Well I actually had no choice. I didn’t want this to happen. I wanted none of this. Not one BIT! This isn’t even my job

DAY 12: I think I found sight of life. I was in one of the top master bedrooms when I noticed that everything was cleaned up. I know I didn’t do it, maybe it was that lady…who knows. But everything seemed to be fine, other than the fact that this place exsist.
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