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This is a story about Phil Tomoyo and his path to becoming a high school boxing champion.
High school is supposed to be the worst four years of your life; at least that's what my friend's older brother said when I was hanging out at his place a couple years back. I mean, yeah, it probably was, but I was determined to make it at least decent. If it ended up like junior high, though, I'd be in some trouble. I was starting school tomorrow and I was nervous. Come on, who wouldn't be? I was starting at a brand new school in a brand new state with brand new people, and was going to be the newbie nobody knew! That wasn't cool! Whatever, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. My father's job made him transfer, so he had no choice unless he wanted to lose his job, and unemployment was something he didn't need. I laid down in my bed, staring up at the ceiling. Instead of a bunch of posters up there, all there was was white; it was bland, and it was killing me! This room needed more things inside rather than just my bed, closet, and minimal amount of posters I got to keep for the move!
I spent a while just staring at the empty ceiling before I ended up feeling like I should fall asleep. When I did, I got up and turned off the lights before collapsing onto my bed. I didn't use the covers. Covers were overrated. The last thing I remember from that moment was me closing my eyes and thinking about the next day before drifting off into sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock ringing in my ears. God, why did I even choose to get that stupid thing? I hit the off button and then sat up in bed. Summer was over, and it was the first day of high school..great. I rubbed my eyes before getting out of bed and starting to change. I got into my proper school clothes, which for me was just a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and tennis shoes. I yawned as I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and quickly run a comb through my hair. After I finished, I ruffled it a bit so it didn't look as if I actually tried to do it, but it didn't look like it was bedhead; it was in between, just the way I liked it. I walked downstairs to where my dad was sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. As I walked down the stairs, I glanced at the two empty seats at the table, and felt my heart clench a little; my mother had died when I was young, and my father could never bring himself to remove the third seat. I checked the time on my watch: 8:30; just enough time to make my lunch, because there was no way I was going to eat cafeteria food. "Morning, Phil." I heard my dad say bluntly as he turned a page in his newspaper. "Morning old man, anything interesting in the paper?". I took out a sandwich bag and put the sandwich I had just finished making inside before getting another out to put some fruit into. A sandwich and fruit; that was a decent lunch, I guess. "Nothing really. Just local stuff. This isn't a big town, so I wouldn't expect anything big to happen." My father was a dark-haired man, and had a decent build. He was a bit on the thin side, but his arms were all muscle. He seemed like he'd be able to throw a decent punch, but he was a huge pacifist, as there's no way he'd ever hit anyone. I don't look anything like him; I guess I have more of my mother's genes. I can barely remember what she looked like, and my father doesn't have any pictures of her, since it'd probably cause him too much pain if he saw them. I put my lunch into a bag before walking across the room to put it in my backpack on top of all my books. I checked my watch once again; it was time to walk to school. "I'm leaving, I'll see you after school old man.", I said, as I walked out the door.

I left the house, my bag was slung over my shoulder as I walked down the sidewalk towards the school. I saw some other students walking this way; they were all in a group, and there was no way I would try and interact with a them. I'll just try and find someone else who isn't walking with anyone like me, I thought. Sadly, that didn't work. By the time I got to the school, everyone was either sitting on the steps of the school or walking around with their friends, but there was no one alone! I leaned against a wall on the side of the school; I didn't want to be that one guy who had no one to hang out with out front, so hiding on the side would probably be best. While sitting around, I heard a ruckus from behind me, and turned to see a girl being ganged up on by two older, stockier guys. I was about to do something, but the girl looked as though she didn’t care about the two teens. They were saying things to her that I would rather not repeat, though, and that seemed to piss her off. Finally, she took a step forward and punched one of the guys in the face before doing the same to other guy. Both of them were down in an instant, whilst her face had no emotion whatsoever plastered onto it. I was awestruck; this girl, who was she? "That's Meghan Nicole, the most beautiful girl in school." I jumped at the random voice I heard from behind me. I turned to see a guy who looked around my age standing there. He had blond hair that seemed even scruffier than mine, and a sheepish smile was on his face. He noticed the alarmed look on my face and smiled even wider. "Sorry for scaring you dude! I'm Michael Evans, and you?" This Michael guy seemed rather okay; why not befriend him? "Phillip Tomoyo, it's good to meet you. So, I just moved here, do you think you can help me out?" Michael shook his head, "Sorry, I don't think I can, I'm a freshman, so I've never been in this school before." So he was a freshman too, cool. "Well, how about we go look for our classes together?" He smiled and nodded before starting to walk off. "Come on! Let's get looking!" I jogged over to him until we were walking side by side, talking about things we liked. I had just met my best friend and one of my biggest rivals.

What will happen next? Find out next time on Panchu!
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