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Follow Phil Tomoyo on his path to become the high school boxing champion.
Was my dad a boxer? That's what it looked like in the picture. It was my father with boxing gloves inside a boxing ring, maybe that was why he didn't want me to do boxing. Whatever. He'll tell me when he's ready. Who knew though, my father was a boxer, that's probably where I get my great punch from. It closed the box and took the boxing gloves. I went up to my room and put them on my bed before going downstairs to hang out with my father. Man! I couldn't let off the fact that he was a boxer. I wanted to ask him, even though it contradicted my earlier statement about letting him tell me when he wanted to. This was conflicting, I'll just eat dinner and go up to my room for the rest of the night. When I finished the food, I cleaned off my plate and started going upstairs, "See you tomorrow, old man." No reply. He's probably still upset I argued with him about boxing, well, I'm a teenager and I don't want to listen to my dad's every order. I entered my room and laid down on my bed, I was tired, it seems boxing just once did a huge load on my stamina, that sucked. I couldn't remember anything after that, I must've fallen asleep.

The next day was pretty boring until after school ended, today was my first lesson with Meghan and I was excited. Spending a couple hours with a beautiful girl sounded amazing. When Michael and I walked into the boxing club room, there she was, hitting a sandbag, she stopped hitting the sandbag when she saw us come in. Meghan walked over to us, more over to me rather than Michael. "You ready?" I nodded, "Yeah." Michael looked at both of us with a confused look, "So, what's going on here?" Meghan looked over at my buddy, she had a surprised look on her face, as if she hadn't even noticed he was there until he said something. "My father and I have chosen Phil to be the representative for the featherweights at our school. So, I'm going to train him. Now, let's go to the backroom." Much to my embarrassment, she grabbed my hand and started walking me to the backroom. I turned to look at Michael, jealousy was clear on his face, but he just gave me a supportive smile. Even though he was jealous, he was still supporting me, that's cool. When we reached the backroom, Meghan tossed a pair of gloves at me, she put on a different kind of glove, the kind that was used for people to punch. "I want you to work on different punching styles. What makes a great boxer is his punch and fighting style." Man, this girl really liked boxing. "Got it." We started the training that day, it was the first day of the next two years of training.

What will happen next? Find out next time on Panchu!
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