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How my new book has come about.

I began concentrating on my writing career a few years ago. I had always wanted to make a living writing, and I considered, and discarded, many book ideas along the way. I had joined an online writers group to get feedback and encouragement from other writers. I was lucky. I discovered a site that had many writers of many skill levels. I was privileged to work with and enjoy the work of many writers. The experience has helped me grow as a writer, and a person, in the four years I have been a member of the site.

But my idea for a wonderful book came by chance. A few days ago my boyfriend asked me to research and write a guide that taught the procedure for preparing animal hide-specifically moose, caribou and bear hide-for making into clothes and other household materials. I began target practising and preparing for hunting last year and was very excited about the project. The research is only just beginning. I am looking forward to a fascinating job ahead of me.

Last year I started a copywriting business, so I was familiar with some of the principles of marketing. I do have a great deal more to learn, but what I have leaned did give me some idea of what to do with this current project. The moose hunting season will be beginning this fall and the coyote season is not over yet. I have targeted the premiere of my book for the beginning to end of summer. Therefore, I will have the best chance of getting my book in the hands of those that can make the most use of it.
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