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Follow Phil Tomoyo on his path to become the high school boxing champion.
It's been three months since I started my training with the beautiful Meghan Nicole. I was entering my first real boxing match in a few hours, and I was pumped! I wasn't at the high school tournament yet. This was more of a little training match between two high schools, mine and one from another school district. Boxing wasn't exactly a big part of our school, so I wasn't going to expect a big crowd, which I was right, the only people that were actually there were parents, coaches from other schools, and some bored students that just decided to watch for the fun of it. I sat on the bench with Michael, he was chosen to box in the training match as well, after those three months of nonstop training for both of us, we both became great boxers. I don't mean to brag or anything, but I think I'm going to be the best boxer in the featherweight matches today. That'd definitely show Meghan who was standing in the crowd watching the boxers that I was the man she had to be with, not that preppy boy Marcus. Oh! That's right, I haven't told you about Marcus yet have I? Here, let me explain.

It was about three weeks after I started my training with Meghan, and I was walking her home when it started storming, so she invited me inside. We were just talking until a guy was on her porch knocking on her window. I swear, he was like a real life batman or something. She was so happy to see him and even let him inside after hugging him for an entire minute, and after they finished hugging, she turned back to me, and his arm was still around her shoulder. Man, jealousy had hit me like a train. "He's my childhood friend, Marcus. Marcus, this is my classmate, Phil." Meghan had said, slipping out of Marcus' arm's reach. Marcus looked at me and I looked at him, it was an intense staring moment, "So, you're a boxer?" That question had caught me by surprise, I nodded, "Yeah, you?" Marcus nodded back, "Featherweight, and judging by the fact you're the same size as me, I'm guessing you're a featherweight." Meghan leaned in between both of us with a smile, "Yep! He's my guy. I'm training him for dad. He's going to be the next high school boxing champion." Marcus looked surprised, and I could see a hint of jealousy glint in his eyes. "Well, Phil, you and will have to spar sometime. What do you say?" He stuck out his arm, offering a hand shake, I gladly took and shook his hand. "Sure."

Back to my first boxing match, just my luck, it was against Marcus' school, and I was determined to win. Michael was looking at the guys boxing, and I was just looking the ground, I needed to win, I had to show her I was a great boxer. Plus, extra pressure was on me, since my father was in the watching box with the coach. They were talking, and while I was watching them, they looked over my direction before they started conversing again. After a couple minutes, the coach started getting angry, I could tell, his face was getting red and his eyebrows were furred. Why was he upset? My dad left the room they were in and joined the crowd, an awkward look on his face. When he noticed me looking at him, he gave me a light smile before looking away to watch the current match. It was Michael's match next, he was going against a guy who didn't look like he should be in featherweight, he should be like welterweight or something, not feather. The bell rang and the match started, Michael and his opponent circled around each other, waiting, then Michael lunged forward toward his opponent, throwing punch after punch, keeping up a solid wall, he did get punched in the face a couple times since he wasn't a defender at all, Michael was all offense. Blood was dripping from both of their mouths, they were beating the blood out of each other. They hadn't even stopped yet, Michael had his opponent against the wall of the ring, punching him in the gut, sides, face, and he didn't stop until his opponent fell to the ground. Michael was a monster, an offensive monster. The referee held him back as they carried his opponent off the ring, when they let go, he left the ring to get some first-aid. I stood up and adjusted my gloves, I hit them together for good luck and then climbed into the ring. Marcus climbed in as well, we were glaring at each other, whoever wins gets Meghan, that was our deal. The bell rang and the match began. We circled each other, before he lunged at me, the fighting began.

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