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Follow Phil Tomoyo on his path to become the high school boxing champion.
The match had started and Marcus and I were circling around each other, the winner of this match got the rights to court Meghan, loser has to stay just friends with her. I had to win this no matter what. Marcus lunged at me, throwing a punch towards my face, so I jumped away, before he could hit me. He turned, and swung again, this time, a direct hit to the face. I punched back, blocked, using my other hand I punched again, countered. I haven't landed a single hit, and I was already bleeding. I couldn't lose! He swung another punch, a left hook, my plan was to counter it, so I squatted down and punched him in the gut, it hit! I jumped back up, and punched again, I hit his face this time. He swung a punch, as did I, they both it at the same time, both hits to the face, we were in that position for a moment, before I brought my other glove and punched his jaw from the bottom, what was that called again? An uppercut? I'm pretty sure that's what it was. That definitely did some damage. I jumped back, putting my gloves in front of my face in a defensive position, I needed to see what Marcus' next move was. He was definitely surprised by that move, but he just lunged at me, throwing punch after punch. He was getting impatient, it was clear on his face that he wanted to get this match over with. With pleasure, Marcus. I broke my defense for another punch, it was low, I ducked, since he threw another punch at my face, right in the gut. That was it. Marcus fell backwards and the ref held me back before I could do anything else as they took Marcus off the ring. When the ref let me go, I took off my gloves and wiped the blood from my nose and cheek off with my sleeve. I climbed out of the ring and collapsed onto the bench, man, that was a brutal fight. I felt as if I was going to lose, but now that I won, that Marcus guy needed to back off. Meghan ran over to me, she had a roll of bandages in her hand and she put on my cheek, before wrapping my hands in it. "You fought well. Definitely worth of being high school champion. I'm going to go check on Marcus, but I'll be back in a bit." She left to find the infirmary and check up on Marcus, who was my rival no longer. "Phil, why'd you have to win? You should've done that thing where you lose, and after a bunch of training you go from boxing underdog to boxing champion!" As cool as that would be Michael, I couldn't lose this match, it was at the cost of something very important to me. Was what I would've said if I had the guts to actually admit what Marcus and I's deal. "Oh! You're right, I should've that would've been awesome!", "I know right? I'm so good at ideas."

The training matches ended, and Meghan hadn't come back yet, but I wasn't going to leave yet. I knew that if I waited, she'd come. Which she did. "Sorry for making you wait. Marcus was saying weird things like how he was going to quit boxing. It was dumb. Want to get going?" Marcus was going to quit boxing? Had he started for the same reason as him? To get closer to Meghan? I nodded, "Yeah." I stood up, what if that happens to me in the future, she finds some other guy to train for the high school championship..No, that wouldn't happen, Meghan was nice. I know that for a fact. We left the boxing area together and started walking towards her house, it was winter time now, and snow was falling. Man, not a good choice to just wear a light jacket, it was freezing outside. When I looked over at Meghan, all she had on was a cardigan and a tank top, why were all of us having such poor choices of clothing in the winter? Maybe because we weren't expecting to snow? Yeah, that was probably it. I took off my jacket and put it over shoulders, I was fine just wearing a shirt, as long as Meghan was fine, I'd be good. "Thanks." I heard her mutter, "Yeah, no problem." We walked in silence a bit longer, and when we reached her house, instead of her just saying goodbye, she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside her house. "You must be freezing. If you want, you can stay here for a bit to warm up." Who was I to refuse, I was all the way for this. "Okay. Thanks." Meghan walked into the kitchen to make some coffee and I just sat at the table, waiting. You're probably wondering where her father and mother were, I wasn't sure then either, but I know now that they were out to eat at a restaurant. Meghan came from the kitchen with two cups of coffee, she placed them both on the table, and then sat across from me. The snowing outside had picked up, and so we turned on the weather channel. It seems as if there was a blizzard, I was going to be spending the night at Meghan's house.

What will happen next? Find out next time on Panchu!
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