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When Truman created MJ-12 he delivered us into the wrong hands.
The list of names that constituted the original MJ-12 group established by President Truman, would appear to have had the credentials to manage the task of determining the best way to deal with the alien presence. The passage of time has show that the selection of these individuals was an exercise in poor judgement. This should never have become "Son of the Manhattan Project." With the Manhattan Project the best minds in the country were enlisted for a relatively short time, spanning five years. The Secret Space Program has gone on ever since. It is not the open ended time window that is so bad but rather the moral disentagration bred by all the lies, half truths, disinformation and coverups that has been so debilitating. It's one thing to have a policy that says, "We Won't Talk About It." and quite another to allow a policy of active deception to continue unabated for seventy-five years.

What this group of pious big brothers did was wrap the problem in a shroud of secrecy that all but insured... it was doomed to stagnate beneath a mushroom off incompetence.

Corso, in his book, the Day after Roswell explains that the artifacts he seeded with industry sat in a filing cabinet for the next ten years. Only when his boss General Trudeau realized that nobody remembered how they got there, did the two begin seeding the items with those in industry best suited to discover and develop the technological principles of these artifacts.

So what did the other Armed Services do with the bulk of what was recovered? One story told by Corso Jr. is that the Aliens came and took the saucers away from the Air Force. This is hard to believe but when you are assailed by lies and coverups for seventy-five years it's easy for imaginations to run astray.

Another story is that in working with a group of aliens to back engineer some of the technology there was a shoot-out that lead to the deaths of sixty-six special operations soldiers... Again, a bit of a stretch but the government has nobody to blame but themselves when these types of rumors begin to circulate. Instead of attacking good Americans with an immoral and malicious policy of absolute secrecy a more prudent, sensible and common sense disclosure program should have been instituted years ago.

This is what I mean when saying the program has not been in good hands. These are not my words, they are the words of President Eisenhower and when he warns us to fear the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) he is using a euphemism for The Secret Space Program(SSP).

President Eisenhower never really got his arms around the MIC/SSP. By the time he took office the SSP had left the orbit of traditional government control and entered the COSMOS as an entity that answered only to itself. To those who have enabled the continuation of this treachery I must emphatically say, SHAME! on you. Your policies have not been in the interests of serving a greater good, but have been ones that encourage an evil malevolence. Only the light of day protects us from this oily and unbridled darkness. What began as an effort to get to the bottom of the an unexpected revelation, morphed into a swirling maelstrom of forbidding gloom, FUBAR to the original threat posed by any alien presence. It continues today not to protect the public but rather the insiders. If the public ever finds out what the human race has signed up for and the incompetence that surrounds the spending of trillions of dollars, then the bumbling incompetence of those responsible will be revealed. This is what scares most, those who have participated in this fraud. What might have started out with good intentions led all to quickly to an immoral seduction and into a vortex of the worst that humanity has to offer.

Obviously there was some success taking place and some of that back engineering led to President Regan's championing the technology sometimes referred to as Star Wars. I suspect that much of what we learned was provided by a cooperative partnership with an ongoing alien presence. This would have been the anthesis of what Gen Trudeau and LTC Corso set out to do with their cabinet full of artifacts.

the Navy and Airforce appear to have taken an entirely different tract. They were bogged down and suffocating under the sheer weight of the classification system they had imposed upon themselves. When an alien craft was recovered after crashing, as a result of naturally occurring (Lightening) radar intensification devices, or some other fluke, the craft were taken to a secure location and a report sent up the chain of command. When it reached the top an admiral, general or member of MJ-12 would examine the evidence, scratch their heads and render the Polish Salute. That was about as far as it ever went. There was no effective mechanism in place to exploit the windfall that had dropped into their laps. A feeble attempt was made to hire smart people to try and figure out the technology but this was never all that effective. The problem was that the security blanket insulated the alien hardware from ever being exposed to those with the top tier intellects capable of figuring out how it worked. Only those who had the required clearances were given access and while these no doubt included some smart people, they first had had to satisfy the trustworthiness criteria... a proven ability to keep their mouths shut.

If it can be believed that one of the aliens survived the Roswell crash... and through this survivor a means was found to contact his superiors, then the rest of the Military was saved from having to adopt the strategy that Trudeau and Corso did... seeding the artifacts with industry.

The other Services likely used an Alien presence to explain how the technology worked. What a slippery slope that turned out to be. So what are we to believe was the quid pro quo? Let me answer that. The quid was they help us with the hard science and we give them a carte blanch to pursue their interests in the soft science. In other words they shared the physical science of space vehicle technology while we looked the other way when it came to medical science which included cloning, hybridization, human abductions and cattle mutilations.

In essence the back engineering involving the Air Force and Navy was getting the Aliens to explain how things worked while the Army worked with industry to figure it out for ourselves.

I'm going to let this sink in. There are some real issues that arose from all this secrecy, coverup and putting power into the wrong hands, the least of which involves an alien presence and the most of which involves the dangers this secrecy has done to imperil the United States of America.

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