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by Liz
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An essay for my college class, I would like to know how i can improve it. Thank you!

The date of my observation was on April 12, 2017. The name of the child observed is Aiden B. Who has the age of 2 years old. Aiden's family characteristics are Hispanic, well united, follow catholic cultural beliefs and do not live in poverty or in riches. His family is stable in their socioeconomic part because they are allowed to provide the needs of their three children. The type of environment for this observation was at home. His home was an adaptive place for him because he was surrounded around a healthy environment. This environment includes toys appropriate to his age, low height couches (kid chairs included), and a play ground environment outside. Due to him being a young age, he isn't fully sociable because he is taken care of by his aunt from 8am-3pm, which are the hours of school for his other older siblings.

1. Physical Development:
Aiden is very active and enjoys being involved in any activity necessary. He is physically engaged in running, walking, and sitting. In this observation, I observed him being physically comfortable with his abilities because although many soccer balls are bigger than the size of his hands or too heavy for him to hold for a certain amount of time, he is still very active and enjoys kicking the ball around. He also enjoys running or walking out with family for long distances then eventually gets tired. However, I would say he has a good weight and is physically fit for regular kid’s activities. Aiden does both high-energy and quiet activities in any environment. For example, if he's doing high- energy activities, he would run, yell, laugh and play for hours, whereas for quiet activities he would either sleep or watch television or in some cases scribble on paper. Due to his age like many, in some instances he does need assistance in walking up and down stairs to avoid him from falling or hurting himself because of his small feet and big steps. The majority of the time, Aiden's gross motor development is well developed and he can easily manage to his needs and wants under supervision of course. He is easily independent with others and in hands on activities. As for his fine motor development skills, he is very intelligent and puts most pieces like a Lego onto another Lego together. However, if he were to put a puzzle together, he would easily get distracted with another activity or get bored. In his fine motor skills, he isn't well efficient because his parents don't influence the importance of adjusting or maneuvering with objects only using his hands, rather they give him their phone to keep him interacted. One example of a gross motor development skill would be him playing soccer and interacting with other children which are appropriate to his age. For fine motor development skills, he must interact with big sized Lego blocks used for building to further enhance his critical thinking skills and his hand movement. Lego Blocks and many other objects made for his age, help kids adapt to the size and mass of an object. (*NEED TO ADD FINE/GROSS FROM BOOK FOR Q#2) I would recommend that children of any age from infants to childhood should not engage with electronic devices because that prevents them from being socially and physically engaged with activities. I also recommend to take their children out to the park where they can run and slide down the slides, engage them into putting Lego pieces to create a big tower and most importantly encourage their children to always be active indoor and outdoor to decrease the possibility of obesity or other impairments in their future life.
2. Language Development:
Although Aiden is developing well in his physical development skills, he isn’t well efficient on his language development. He uses holophrases to communicate with what he needs and wants such as juice, used to say that he wants something to drink and poop, meaning that he needs his diaper changed. Usually he communicates by approaching the person, grasping them, and saying their needs and wants, only using 1 or 2 words and by pointing fingers towards the object desired. In my observation, the adult knows what he wants and tries to encourage him to speak out the sentence completely. During his play or exploration, he approaches the adult with another toy of the same kind so that he has companionship while playing. He uses words like cars to signify that he’s playing with a car or that he wants others to engage in playing. Aiden is also very curious in what he sees, he enjoys playing with things and once a parent encourages him with words, he attempts to say it but ends up making fun of it. I would recommend the parents to encourage learning through flash cards in order to learn sounds of the alphabet before engaging them to speak with words. I also recommend do the parents to seek ways to give rewards to their children as incentives to continue growing in their language development.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2118934