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Debunking a Coverup requires Assumptions to illuminate Concealed Facts.
When a coverup is used to conceal facts of a matter, assumptions are necessary to uncover the truth.

It's often said that assumptions make an ass out of you and me. Their use, in lieu of facts, can be assailed on this basis to discredit a point of view that in other regards makes sense. In a nutshell an assumption is a "fact" that cannot be proven or verified but otherwise appears to be true. Thus the onus is on a writer to "get the facts straight." This is definitely the case regarding discoveries that have already been made. It also holds true for truths that are obscured in a sea of information...

However, in cases where a government deliberately withholds the truth I believe that a writer is entitled to promote an assumption to fact if it is supported by other information that attest to its veracity. In this case the onus is not on the writer to prove them but rather on the government to refute them. Where this becomes necessary the writer needs only put capital (PA) in parenthesis.

In using secrecy to withhold facts the government uses the discipline which surrounds the scientific method of inquiry as a tool to destroy a writer's credibility. A debunker has only to read a work and find the most insignificant detail at odds with prevailing wisdom to discredit an entire thesis. The irony is that the conclusion of a thesis is often cast in doubt to begin with as a result of the withholding of information vital to a thesis. Not only is an investigative researcher kept in the dark to begin with but when they try and pierce the veil of secrecy the assumptions necessary to explaining the coverup are used to destroy the credibility of a hypothesis.

This is by no means the only tool used by the government to discredit a viewpoint they find at odds with their point of view. A writer is often threatened, ridiculed, and retaliated against by a wide variety of well known countermeasures. However, the most common method is debunking, which is an effort to discredit and a process that begins with an all out assault on a writer's assumptions.

In my writing I try and stick to the integrity of the process but feel that when forced to make assumptions based upon concealment, the standards of scientific inquiry can be relaxed, particularly as they pertain to assumptions. I justify this belief because if I find reason to believe that the government is concealing the facts then the onus shifts from me having to provide conclusive proof to the government having to show the assumptions are overtly false. This is a much harder test than resorting to other means.

Since the government is perverting the rules of scientific inquiry to begin with, by concealing the facts, then a writer is justified in recourse to assumptions that promote what otherwise might be seen as conjecture.

Having laid the groundwork I'll now state as "Facts" what the government will dismiss as assumptions or conjecture.

Fact 1: In or around Roswell New Mexico, in 1947, a couple of alien saucers crashed. The extraterristerial crews perished except for one survivor, EBE 1.

Fact 2: EBE 1 helped the United States in contacting his superiors and a meeting was arranged.

Fact 3: At this meeting an exchange took place. Twelve astronauts boarded an aliien saucer and one or more alien ambassadors remained behind.

Fact 4: The Eben vessel was huge and capable of carrying an extremely large payload into space.

Fact 5: Since there were a large number of witnesses who could attest to the meeting a cover story was fabricated.

Fact 6: The story goes that the Astronauts went to the Planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star group.

Fact 7: About half of these Astronauts returned over a decade later and were debriefed.

Fact 8: Since that time a working relationship has developed. The Ebens or Greys are permitted to pursue their work in the soft science of biotechnology and the united states provides them with a sanctuary out West.

Fact 9: In return for these bases the Ebens help the United States in understanding the hard science of space travel.

Fact 10: The United States has been able to understand and back engineer many of the technologies found in the crashed space craft.

Fact 11: Nobody seems to know where the 12 Astronauts went or what their mission was. The cover story of visiting Planet Serpo is unbelievable, full of holes and does not resonate.

A more important question is and where did the astronauts go? The "Facts" above should form the Declarations we need to be asking about and not quibbling over the details of a cover story that is absolute bunk.
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