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by Froggy
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Last night to remember
Charley is my dog. This is my last night with him. I am as sad as I can be to lose him to illness. But I know he won't mind leaving his current world in this condition. His tail still wags when approached, but he can't lick your face like he used to.

He has been my best friend for 8 years. He would have been your best friend too, if he had met you.

Ten years ago this month I had my first attack of MS. After a year or so of moping around, my wife, Maggie, and I decided I needed an exercise partner. She was into power walks and moved much faster than I could. I used to run some before the MS and even played some hockey and squash in my day, but MS cut my ability to move fast in any activity. So getting a dog for an exercise pal seemed like a good idea.

He couldn't be a "puller" or I'd be dragged to the ground via the leash. So, naturally, I got a Red- Nosed Pit Bull.

I got him from the Cherryland Humane Society. He was recommended to me by a friend who volunteered to walk dogs during her lunchtime. Karen told me he was gentle. I went to visit him and he looked at me and I melted. His ears drooped, his lips drooped and he seemed very friendly. He had a shortened lower jaw with lots of teeth, some baby teeth, and adult teeth too. The drooping lips were a result of the shortened jaw. His brown eyes were bright and the white star on his chest made him appear regal. He had lots of muscle and I wondered about the pulling.

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