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Feed your Minds
To start,
Thank you all, who have stood with me on this. Every link, (Trumps people). That remained blue. Stood, by my side. Granted, we all more than likely turned our notifications off. There were a few times, a ding a ding doo, 100 notifications just blasted through. Know also, every time, I updated this piece. It went to the top of everyone’s pages. Yet, they stayed by my side, Idle and wise.

There are serious problems here, in our world, the world we Share. The Planet….
I won’t pretend to know what duties are that burdensome, to world leaders, whereas it is most important to destroy. Than to build. Than to take, instead of give. To lie, and not be honest.
I have said world leaders, however. I only directed this to one, leader. Not of any world. Of a Country. Let’s not kid ourselves. Our president’s haven’t been able to run the country, yet, they all seem focused on world control.

I have said this before, sometimes, like with children, and apparently Politian’s, we must repeat things. Nothing personal, many of us become forgetful at times. That is not the case here. When you size up other countries, and you assess them and rank them in order of “Threat Level”. You send a clear message to the world.

When you provoke, other countries, then ‘Roll Cameras’ and take pictures, of other countries, doing what we, ourselves have done. You again, are sending Clear messages, to the world. I did Mention Mr. Putin once or Twice in my last piece. Here’s why. This is a Leader, of a country. Who understands, how things work, in my opinion.

This man has been resilient to our intimidations. By this, we cross boundaries. Who set them and when, history. They are clear cut. They even have “Buffer Zones”, to keep nations from dancing that fine line. My country, finds creative ways, to break these boundaries, or seemingly, “go around them”.

When we are shown footage of Russian Bombers and fighters “Near Alaska”, its publicized as provocation. “The Russians are….” The Russians, In My Humble Opinion, are letting the world know, there are boundaries. And while we, continue to push on the worlds boundaries. Great Leaders, Again my opinion. Great Leaders Like Mr. Putin, know what we are doing.

When other nations, fly by these boundaries. They do so in a manner, that serves a dual purpose. 1. They see us, and know we are pushing things. 2. They want us to know, they know where those boundaries are. They abide by them, as should we. We have “armadas off the coasts of other nations, it’s like a group of punks, sitting at the corner, bored. They see your house, and you see them from your window.

Meanwhile, as this posturing, and bullying continues, millions of Humans, Children, Women, Men, and other life on the planet. Suffer, and Die as a Direct result. This little piece of mine, has taught me much. I think 3 paranoid groups backed out of our Idle stand. They are no longer blue links. They are black text, no link. That was their choice, and everyone is entitled to make a choice.

I chose to say something, and then I thought, I wonder what others think. Now I know. I also know, I could be silenced today, tomorrow. One will Rise, and become louder than I. The world is changing, and as paranoia spreads, as do rumors. One thing is consistent. War. War is Consistent.
It never stops, at times it slows, and then it spreads. We have been seen giving small factions weapons, to do our dirty work. Then it’s all over the media, this group “group A” is becoming a global threat…. They are “Terrorists”. Well, maybe if we stop giving out guns and tanks. “Group A” won’t have anything to fight about. Because, we would also have to stop arming “Group B”, who we’ve trained to war against group A.

And so on. I will let this piece rest; it has served its purpose. I am by no means giving up, I have Many, Many Starving Brothers and Sisters out there, dying each day. I don’t know how long the world thinks “we can rock on with our bad selves…” before an irreversible change occurs. Is that when the “top 0% A.K.A. The Elite go hide in a hole somewhere. I don’t know.

I do know, we are not the first people to go through this. I also know, based on FACT, and RESEARCH.
The people before us, didn’t fair too well. Now, before some asshole blows us back to the caveman era.
Or worse, wipes everyone off the map.

My Little Light, I’m going to let it shine. As are Billions of others. I do not know when, I do know, there are more than enough of us, to help each other, so that we may all stand. Remember, whatever you believe. Whoever you pray to. We all, turn to the same dirt, in the end. Kings, to roaches. Everything in between. Nothing more than Dirt, in the end.
Every time, I get hungry, or want to snack, I think about them. Those who can not, eat, to survive. Why should I have a Coffee and Doughnut with my Free WIFI, while someone, who could have understood, better than I. Algebra, Geometry, Physics. Because I was “Lucky” and born in the U.S.A.? I’m not sure how many have looked around at the “Land of the free”. Nothings free, and there’s a world out there, on the other side of “Our Boundaries”. They are not pleased with us. I don’t blame them. I live here, I do what I am expected to do, as a member of my community, to help us thrive.

Only to be lied to, suppressed, oppressed, which makes many if not all of us Depressed many times over.
I do not know, I say this to all of My Brothers and Sisters. I know Team Work, Love Family, Community, Fairness, Equal, Equality, Mentors, Teaching, Happiness, More.

There are those who will mock my words, then say things like “Yeah, love and Hugs Will Fix everything”.
No, you’re an asshole or an ignorant individual for both mockeries. Underestimating the power of love.
When I say this, I do not think of the “60’s” and free love and drugs. The kind of Love I refer to, is when you are stopped, from whatever you are doing, because you see someone in dire need of help. You help them. That Love.

Know this, every eye, or pair of, We Are In Dire Need. As a World, on a Planet which we Share. I could go and say Fuck The World. I don’t though. For many reasons, most I blurted out several years ago.

That went one of two ways. Let’s agree, I learned how to use my words. I learned How to Listen.
In a manner a ‘Speaking’, I also ‘caught the ball’ at the stadium. I am to share its story with you.
As I was not ready three years ago. Most of you. Are Not Ready Today.

For what it is worth. I want to feed starving Babies, and Families, ALL OF THEM. If that makes me insane, your words matter not to me. It is the Words You Tell Yourselves, in the Mirrors, the Thoughts, when you lay your heads to Rest. You should Concern yourselves with.
Thank you to Everyone, who has heard me, and supported me. Even if only in your Hearts And Your Minds.
I feel your love. As I hope, mine makes its way around the world.

***Thank you to cornucopia-by-saratica-cornucopia-flicker***
For sharing the image I chose for my cover.
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