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by koda
Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #2119119
15 year Shawn moves to a new town. A certain new friend will change his life. Misty.
Chapter 1
I woke up the morning of the first day of school. I heard my father yell "Get up Shawn, its your first day of sophomore year!". I groaned and yawned. Rubbing my eyes I got out of bed to get ready. I ran out of the door so I won't get punished for walking out late.
I walked as fast as I could. The day went on fast. My teachers seemed nice. Buy yet I feel like this is going to be a hard year. I've lost my friends last year due to them giving in to popularity. I felt betrayed as they walked away from me.
I was angry and upset. Later on, I forgave them for what they did even though it hurt me. I was alone for the rest of that year. Things got worse as my grades dropped. My father and mother would be so mad at me that they would hit me and yell curse words. But things are different this time being in a new school and a new town.
That has stayed in my memory for a long time. Its my chance now to escape that reality. All I need is a friend I could trust. As the bell rang for lunch I grew anxious by the second. Who do I go to? Who do I choose to trust?
I sat alone under a tree as people gathered around and got to their friends. Pain stunned me as I heard their laughter and conversations about their summer. Time based and a girl sat next to me suddenly. I was afraid to make eye contact with her.
I finally looked at her nervouslwhyq"Hi! I'm Misty. Who are you? You seem new around this school." she seemed friendly. "I-um my name is Shawn." I managed to say. "Its nice to meet you Shawn." Misty replied. "S-so why are you here in the first place?" I asked.
"I wanted to be friends withcq someone." I nodded then told her we can be friends. I explained to her that I needed to live with her because of my abusive parents. I also told her I had depression. She accepted my plea for help.
After school, I quickly got all the things I need and headed out the door fast. I got to Misty's house and caught my breath. Nighttime came and I ate dinner with Misty. Her parents where not home.
"They are always busy." Misty explained. "But they do come by on Sunday." After that she lead me to my new room. It was a small spare room. I changed into my pajamas.
Misty was going to leave me alone but then I said "Um...wait! Can you turn on a night light? I get scared alone in the dark." Misty nodded and turned on a night light. I was going to get out of bed to hug her but I thought it was not the right time. I soon feel asleep in the soft, comfortable bed.
Chapter 2
The next day I went to school again. It was Thursday the last day of the school week since we only go Monday through Thursday. The day dragged on. All I wanted to do was sleep.
Chapter 3
It was a cloudy night. After eating I went back to my room to be alone. I feel asleep at some point. I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt sad from my bad memories and from being alone for a what seemed to be a long time.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2119119