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"Give Me An Excerpt..." is one of my newsfeed activities. Here are some winning excerpts.
The Winning Excerpts...

The excerpts displayed here drew me into the original items therefore I judged them to be winners:

A.T.B: It'sWhatWeDo gave me this excerpt:

"Her laughter cascaded from her like a mountain waterfall, the delightful sound bringing smiles to passersby and indeed, had him smiling as well. Long, wind-tangled tresses, like a pocketful of change shimmered in the watery sunlight. He caught her jacket with the tip of his walking stick just as it gave up its tenuous grasp on the chair." - from "The Dust Jacket"   by Fyn

Choconut gave me this excerpt:

"Inside our bedroom, the bitter scent of Martin’s Lynx aftershave caught in the back of my throat. It crept over my shoulders and tightened around my neck, filling me with unease. I was surprised to see the bed neatly made, except for a dent where I had been sitting when it all began. Memory exploded, like fireworks, inside my mind. My last moments of life before shattered and crashed around me. Lorna ushered me onto the bed—back onto that same spot—and reminded me to breathe." from her own: "The Courage To Begin Again.

A big thank you to everyone who has participated in "Give Me An Excerpt..." *Smile*

The first "Give Me An Excerpt...contest was started April 16, 2017. It was and will continue to be a Newsfeed Activity. (LW) Watch for the next one!

I look forward to seeing it again and again, don't you? *Smile*

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