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Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #2119169
An ode to the woman who supports the coffin maker
The coffin maker's wife watches him work
and her lips curve into a smirk
as he hammers in the final nail
his success for another's fail

The coffin maker knows what's right
But he's seen the results of the fight
He stays passive
for death allows him to live

The coffin maker's wife knows she's not first
her husband always chooses his work
but she harbors him no ill will
and she knows he loves her still

The coffin maker makes with care
others lament that he has no other wares
his work with wood is exquisite
yet nary a soul comes to visit

The coffin maker's wife
lived a good long life
with love in her heart and death in her home
she was never alone

The coffin maker buried his love
with the finest coffin to guide her above
his wood and nails went on the wall
and he answered death's sweet call
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