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Separated from Link, Zelda must fend for herself. However, a new Chu has its eye on her...
"Perhaps we should try further upstream?"
Zelda looked at Link, who shrugged. He would happily cross the raging river in front of them, but Zelda wasn't as strong a swimmer as him.
"Come on. Let us find a suitable crossing".
Zelda walked off. She didn't realise that Link wasn't following her. He had been ambushed by a group of moblins, who stood between the pair. The river drowned out the sounds of Link shouting for the Princess to come back.

"Ah! This should do!"
Zelda clapped her hands happily. She had stumbled across a fallen tree that bridged the river. And even if she fell in, the current wasn't as strong as it was downstream, so she could easily swim back to the bank. Failing that, Link could...
Zelda twirled around, realizing her knight wasn't behind her. She was completely alone, in the middle of a rather dense forest... and it was unlikely that Link would actually find her. She had taken a weird route to get to this point, heading away from the river for a bit before stumbling down a hill, where she headed through a forest to the river and the fallen tree. She couldn't even remember how she had gotten here. And to make matters worse, the sun was hanging low in the sky. She had limited daylight hours, and she refused to travel at night.
"Alright, Zelda. Remain calm... You should know how to handle yourself! Link taught you most of this!" She took a deep breath. "What was the first thing... Ummm... Food? No, shelter, followed by fire. Hopefully, I can find somewhere that doesn't involve fighting".

Zelda didn't carry weapons, instead leaving that to Link, who somehow stored a myriad of weapons in a tiny pouch on his belt. He also had all of their food...
"Maybe this can help me?" Zelda wondered, pulling the Sheikah Slate from her hip. The screen lit up, the symbol of the Sheikah appearing. It disappeared, replaced by a map of the area. Zelda had no idea about we here she was, and the Slate wasn't much help. She was in the middle of a forest, not far from some mountain. To her northwest was Zora's Domain. Provided she made it to the morning, she would go there.
As she pored over the map, a chilly breeze blew across her, causing her to shiver and look up. The sun hung lower in the sky than the last time she had checked, barely poking over the tops of some trees now.
"I should really start a fire... But how? Maybe a rune can help me?"
She pulled up the rune screen.
"Stasis? No, I still can't knock them down. Magnesis? Tree's aren't magnetic... Perhaps a bomb?"

Summoning a bomb, she placed it gently next to a tree. From a safe distance, she held the Sheikah Slate up. She yelped as the bomb blew up, causing the tree to creak loudly and fall over with a loud crash.
"T-That... was a bit loud..." She stuttered nervously, looking around. At any point, she could be attacked by Moblins, or Lizalfos, or...
"Stop thinking about that!" Zelda scolded herself. "I need a fire!"
After detonating a second bomb, she gathered up an armful of wood. She spotted a nearby cave, and after making sure it was devoid of any wildlife, she dropped the wood in the centre of the cave. Thankfully, Link had insisted that she carry a box of matches, something she had never seen before. She had been amazed when he had pulled out a tiny stick with a red tip, sticking it against a rough edge, causing a tiny flame to appear.
"So, strike it like... This!"
Striking a match, a tiny flame sprung to life. She held it to the pile of wood in front of her, waiting for it to catch. After a couple of minutes, the wood caught fire, causing Zelda to let out a sigh of relief.

Extinguishing the match, Zelda sat down next to the fire. Hearing her stomach rumble, she shifted uncomfortably. Despite wearing rather comfy pants, rocks dug into her round backside. Plus, the floor was rather cold, despite the now roaring fire in front of her.
"So hungry... If only Link were here!" Zelda complained, holding a hand to her rumbling stomach. She had asked him, on multiple occasions, to teach her how to hunt. He had agreed to, but never actually got around to it. Looking back on it, she regretted not reminding him.
To try and take her mind off her empty stomach, she headed outside to the river. Light reflected off the surface of the water. Cupping her hands, she dug her hands into the river. The water flowed from the nearby Zora's Domain, so it was safe to drink. Drinking deeply, Zelda stopped when a bush nearby rustled loudly. She looked over at it, one hand on her Sheikah Slate.

"H-Hello?" She called out anxiously. "Who's there?"
The bush rustled again, causing her to summon a bomb.
"I warn you, I am armed!" She said, trying her best to sound confident, but her voice wavered.
As it rustled again, Zelda threw the bomb with a quiet scream. It landed in the bush, causing something to jump out. It landed close to her, causing her to fall back onto her backside. She shut her eyes, unwilling to look at whatever was trying to attack her.
"No, stop!" She yelled. "Link! Help me! I order you!"
Despite her screaming, which was rather loud, Link didn't come. Realising this, Zelda pushed herself backwards, leaving a trail in the dirt. She felt her back push up against a tree, causing her to stop. She cracked an eye open, finally looking at her attacker.

She almost laughed. It was a Chu-Chu, one of the weakest enemies out there!
"Oh... I-I..." Zelda took a deep breath, composing herself. "Surely I can handle a measly Chu!"
Summoning another bomb, she rolled it at the Chu, who looked at it curiously. She held up her Sheikah Slate. The Chu disappeared in a blue explosion, the only remnants being a couple of jelly blobs, which she gingerly picked up.
"I don't suppose these are edible?" She wondered, holding the blobs up to the last remnants of light. Her stomach answered for her, letting out a loud rumble. "Well, I suppose I am going to find out..."

She headed back to the cave, where she smiled as she saw the fire still burning brightly. She had worried that it would just go out, and she would be in trouble, but the fact that it was still lit told her that she might survive this night. A rumble broke her out of her thoughts.
She sat next to the fire, letting out a contented sigh as she felt heat wash over her body. Picking up a slightly charred stick from the edge of the fire, Zelda stuck a blob on the end, holding it over the fire. It began to smoke, before bursting into flames.
"No! I need that!" Zelda yelped, pulling it out of the fire. She blew on it, which only made the flames bigger.
"Please, stop!"
The fire went out, leaving a red blob in place of the blue blob.
"Interesting... It appears as though exposure to heat causes the properties of the Chu Jelly to change", Zelda said to herself, inspecting the red blob. "I wonder if it tastes any different from the blue one?"

Placing the red blob to the side, she picked up a blue one. It was slightly sticky, which caused her to make a face. It wasn't a nice feeling.
"Well, d-down the hatch! I guess..."
Taking a small bite, Zelda chewed for a second. It was quite rubbery, and tough to chew through. However, when she did manage to chew through its rubbery skin...
"This... is delicious!" Zelda exclaimed, her eyes widening in surprise. She had expected it to either taste really bad, or have no taste at all. Taking a second bite, she was reminded of a Wildberry, a kind of sweet taste that lingered in your mouth.
She quickly finished off the blob, patting her stomach. Picking up the second blue blob, she chewed through the tough exterior, moaning happily as the taste of Wildberries filled her mouth again. She wasn't full, but at least she had eaten something.

Looking at the red blob, Zelda went to pick it up, but stopped. She didn't feel so good...
Her stomach gurgled ominously. She placed her hands on it, feeling it churn beneath her clothes.
"Oh, Hylia..." She groaned, lying on her back. "Maybe that wasn't a good idea..."
She stood up, which caused her to feel even worse. Stumbling outside, Zelda collapsed next to the river. She cupped her hands and began drinking madly. Feeling her stomach fill, Zelda stopped when she felt somewhat better. She not longer felt like she was going to throw up, but like she was going to throw up. However, her stomach wouldn't stop making noise. She headed back to the cave, embarrassed by her stomach despite the lack of people around to hear it. She lay down next to the fire. Shifting uncomfortably, Zelda closed her eyes. Maybe some sleep would make her stomach shut up...

Even after she fell asleep, her stomach continued gurgling. Inside it, the Chu Jelly began to absorb all the water she had just drunk...
Her flat stomach pushed out. A small potbelly quickly formed, pushing her blue tunic up and poking out from underneath it. Zelda shifted in her sleep, unaware of her growing belly.
After another couple of seconds, Zelda now looked pregnant, her belly round and smooth. Her tunic had been forced above the round globe that was her belly. It had taken on a slight blue tint due to the growing Chu Jelly inside her.
Another few seconds, and Zelda's belly was huge. It was still round, yet was big enough that it hung down in front of her crotch.

Letting out a murmur in her sleep, Zelda rolled over and onto her front. As she did, her belly squished against the cold floor. Despite her body now being supported by her new belly, Zelda remained asleep as her stomach continued to grow. She rose higher as it grew. Still perfectly round, it reached down to her knees. The blue tint of the Chu Jelly spread across the surface of her belly, mixing with her fair skin colour.

Finally, Zelda stopped growing. Her belly was huge, filled to the brim with Chu Jelly that shifted around. It wasn't sentient, like the Chu-Chu's outside in Hyrule, yet with each movement that Zelda made, it jiggled, which caused her belly to ripple. She was no longer in contact with the floor, her body held above it by her belly, which was almost as big as she was tall. Her tunic had been forced up to her breasts, her belt lying on the floor along with her Sheikah Slate.
Zelda awoke with a yawn. Still drowsy, she scratched the round orb that was her belly.
"Odd... I feel... really heavy..." She said through yawns. Looking down, she quickly woke up.
"By the Three Goddesses!" She screamed, looking at her new belly. She grabbed some of it, pinching her flesh to make sure that it wasn't a dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

"What happened to me?" Zelda whimpered. Her feet no longer touched the floor, and even if they did, she wasn't sure she could walk...
Hearing a noise near the mouth of the cave, Zelda turned her neck as far as she could. She almost cried as she saw the massive blue Chu-Chu enter the cave, it's yellow eyes trained on her. Looking at it, Zelda gulped. It was the same size as her new belly, which its yellow eyes stared at. It slowly advanced towards her.
Zelda tried to roll onto her feet, with no success. Her belly rippled, which sent pleasure shooting through her body and confusing her for a moment. Inside her globular belly, she could feeling something jiggling as she pushed backwards.
"Come on, come on, come on... Almost there!" She gasped, feeling her toes brush against the floor.
At the cave entrance, the massive Chu was much closer. It rolled over the remnants of her fire, pausing briefly as it cracked beneath the weight of the jelly.

Managing to get her feet in contact with the floor, Zelda groaned. Now that she was standing up, she could feel the immense weight of her new belly. She was quite tall for her age, around the same size as Link, but even so, her belly lay on the cold floor.
"S-Stay away!" She shouted at the Chu, who had moved past the campfire and was almost touching her belly. "I'm warning you!"
Placing her hands on either side of her belly, Zelda grunted as she tried to lift it. The weight of the jelly inside was too much for her to handle, Zelda managing to lift it about a centimetre of the ground. It was all she needed as she slowly shuffled backwards, groaning as she held her belly, which wobbled with each small step.
"Maybe the Slate?" She whispered to herself, looking around the cave. She spotted it behind the Chu, which caused a whimper to escape her mouth.

Finally, the inevitable happened. Zelda felt her back touch the wall behind her, a sharp rock jabbing into her backside which incited a squeak from her.
"Oh, no..." She whispered. Dropping her belly, she couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her lips as the Chu Jelly jiggled, sending pleasure shooting through her body.
Frantically looking around, Zelda spotted an old sword. Reaching down, she grabbed it by the hilt and pointed it at the Chu, which didn't falter. As it neared her, Zelda took an experimental stab, poking the Chu. It stopped briefly, before rolling back a few feet. Still pointing the sword at the Chu, her arms shook, unused to the weight of the rusty blade.
"Stay... Stay back!" She warned the Chu, stabbing the air.
It didn't listen to her, continuing forwards toward the trapped princess. As it neared her, her arms finally gave out, the sword falling to the ground with a loud clatter.

Now completely defenceless, Zelda resorted to shouting, hoping that someone would hear her cries for help.
Link didn't come. The Chu neared her. It touched against her boulder-like belly, sending a shiver though her body. It was surprisingly warm, yet had the sticky feeling that the jelly had. The Chu then did something she had never seen before.
A tendril of some kind formed from the top of the Chu. It wiggled above its head before moving down and caressing Zelda's belly.
"Don't do that... S-Stop..." Zelda stuttered, pleasure shooting through her body again.

Fortunately, the Chu did stop. Unfortunately, the tendril moved upwards. Sliding over her ample breasts, Zelda shifted as they jiggled within her bra. The Chu played with them for a bit, inciting a moan from Zelda as it rubbed across her erect nipples.
"N-No! I order you, s-stop this at once!" She said, her pulse racing. She hated how much she was enjoying this, yet could do nothing as this creature played with her breasts.
It eventually stopped. Zelda kind of wanted it to continue, yet wanted it to just leave it alone.
The tendril moved upwards again, rubbing against her neck and towards her mouth, which she quickly closed, shaking her head viciously. If it forced its way in, then she would bite it. Surely it felt pain?
Moving away from the Princess's closed mouth, it caressed her cheek, causing Zelda to blush. The only person to have ever done that was Link, after he had rescued her from that Moblin...

Zelda squeaked as she felt something pinched her backside. Looking at the Chu, she saw a second tendril move from around her back. In the split-second her mouth was open, the Chu made its move. With surprising speed, the tendril that was playing with a lock of her hair reared back, before shooting into her mouth.
Zelda's eyes widened, her cheeks bulging as she felt it force its way down her throat. She wanted to gag, to throw up this invader, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't do it. She could feel it forcing its way into her full stomach.
Her belly surged forwards, pushing against the Chu. She moaned as she saw her belly rippling.
No more, she thought desperately, her belly on the verge of bursting. I'll explode!
The Chu stopped forcing itself into her stomach, confusing Zelda for a moment. She felt the tendril retreat a small bit before feeling it continue its assault. Only this time, it wasn't flowing into her belly...

Feeling her bra and tunic tighten, Zelda groaned. Her breasts, large for her age, surged forth, rapidly filling with Chi Jelly. They quickly destroyed her bra, a snap echoing around the cave. Her tunic replaced it, rapidly shrinking around her growing breasts. They approached the size of her head within seconds, and showed no signs of stopping.
Meanwhile, her belly continued to jiggle as the Chu shoved itself down Zelda's throat. As it did, her hands wandered around, feebly grabbing onto the Chu. She tried to pull it away, but succeed in doing nothing. They then travelled to her belly, where she started rubbing the top of it, sending more pleasure through her body.
By this point, Zelda couldn't even think straight. The sensation of having her body undergo this growth, combined with the jelly in her body jiggling had caused anything related to escaping to leave her head. Instead, she wanted this sensation to continue. Grabbing the Chu, she pulled more of it into her open mouth, letting out a pleasurable moan as she did.

Her breasts blew her tunic apart, blue cloth raining around her. They quickly doubled in size as Zelda shoved more of the Chu inside her, moaning loudly as she did.
After a moment, the Chu stopped, giving Zelda a moment to look at her body. If she could, she would have screamed. At some point, she had fallen onto her belly, which doubled as a sort of jelly bed. She could feel her nipples, still erect, rubbing against the cold floor beneath her. Reaching an arm behind her, she felt that her ass hadn't grown at all. She tried to sigh with relief, but suddenly, the Chu started moving again.
Feeling her pants tighten, the pleasure resumed. Zelda's eyes drooped slightly as her ass ballooned, her pants ripping apart within seconds. Each ass cheek grew to the size of pumpkins, and didn't stop there.
Meanwhile, the rest of body resumed its growth, albeit at a very reduced rate. Her belly covered more of the floor, Zelda slowly sinking into it. Her huge breasts hit the floor, inciting a moan as she felt how cool it felt against her sensitive breasts.

At some point, Zelda passed out from the pleasure. She had a dream, in which she was completely normal. She was standing in the middle of a field, Silent Princess's growing all around her, the sun shining brightly above her. Hearing a gurgle, she turned and came face to face with a blue Chu. Before she could protest, it shoved itself into her mouth, causing her body to rapidly balloon, jiggling as it did...
Zelda awoke with a scream. Looking up, she saw darkness outside, a silver light cutting through it in places.
"It was... just a dream?" She asked herself. Joy could be heard in her voice, yet a hint of disappointment was also present. She wouldn't lie to herself, she had really liked the way that Chu had played with her...
"I should get moving. Link will be looking for me, and if he isn't, well... He will never hear the end of it," Zelda said.
As she made to get to her feet, she became aware of a feeling of heaviness. Looking down, she let out a shrill scream.

"It wasn't a dream!" She cried, grabbing her belly. Her fingers sank into the soft flesh of her boulder-sized belly, causing a quiet moan to escape her lips. She could feel something cold pushing against her huge breasts, easily half the size of her belly. Behind her, she could feel a huge weight pressing down on her lower body. Turning her neck as far as it would go, Zelda caught sight of her massive ass. In between her huge cheeks, each resembling a Goron in the process of rolling, lay a piece of clothing, which she recognised as the back of her panties.
Hearing a crackle in front of her, Zelda looked ahead. Seeing nothing, she gasped when something bumped against her sensitive breasts. Craning her neck, she spied a small red blob. Picking it up, she smiled mischievously.
"If the blue one summoned that Chu, then I wonder what this red one would do?"

-A Couple of Days Later-

"What do you mean, you lost her?!"
King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule stared angrily down at the knight before him, a blue and gold standard on his back. He nodded nervously.
"You had two jobs, Link!" He shouted, causing Link to flinch. "One, protect my daughter! Two, defeat Calamity Ganon! Unfortunately for you, your second job requires Zelda. For your sake, you had better hope that she reappears, otherwise Hyrule will succumb to evil!"
Link nodded. As soon as he was able, he would head straight back out there and look for Zelda.
"Get out of my sight," The King said viciously. "You find my daughter, and I will forgive you. Until then, I don't want to see your face around this castle!"

Leaving the Throne Room, Link headed for Castle Town. On the way, he overheard a conversation between two castle servants.
"Did you hear about that new Chu they discovered?" One of them asked.
"No, must've missed it... Is it any more dangerous than the current ones?" The second one asked.
"Completely identical to a regular blue Chu, with one difference. This one can manipulate its body in such a way that it can create weapons!"
The second servant laughed.
"Weapons made out of jelly? Please!"
"Well, it can make weapons against males, but against females... its attack pattern changes completely. It forces itself into their body, causing them to gain mass amounts of weight and basically making them immobile".
"Yeah, yeah... Now tell me about the Bokoblin that beat Ganon!"
"I swear it's true! They hang about Zoras Domain, looking for female bodies to live in!"
The second servant laughed again.
"Keep telling yourself that... Maybe someday, you'll meet one!"
He walked off, still laughing.

Link's eyes widened in shock. Zelda had gone missing around Zoras Domain... What if she had been caught by...?
He shook his head. During his travels, he had encountered many strange enemies, so many that he kept an open mind when it came to new enemies. He hurried off, a new goal in mind. Chus loved living in darkness, and there was no shortage of caves around the Domain... He had a lot of caves to search.
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