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Past experience and the affected

Constantly noticing the differences between myself and the others around me. And, while I'm a believer that it's a good thing to be aware of your surroundings, this trait serves me as not only a blessing, but a curse. I notice more than many others take the time to, and I know that. I'm always conscious of the mood surrounding me, which emanates from the people who accompany me in that moment. I notice the little things that others do not stop to enjoy. Life is about the little things. And this brings me to my point of perception... that no two people are viewing the same things at the same time, with the same thoughts. You are the only one doing what you are doing, while thinking the things you are thinking. This is a thought that carries with me day-to-day. I feel past events have lead me to the thoughts and desires that I possess today. Particularly the death of a close friend's sibling, both of whom I have had the pleasure to grow up with. The fact that life can be taken in the blink of an eye, without any warning signs, is the thought that haunts my mind to this day. And, for this, we must live each day, taking the time to look beyond ourselves and our personal current status, setting out to truly understand and learn more about the human interaction that surrounds us, and our society as a whole. Remember that every single person perceives situations in their daily lives differently. In arguments or discussions, we must not forget this. We must stay grounded and focused. Look at each view and understand one's prior experience, for we have all been through things that shaped us to be who we are today. These things are the reason we think the way we do today. By taking the time to look at others' positions and opinions, we may, too, come to understand the way that they feel. Perception is unique and important. Perception determines our quality of life, and what we make of each day and its little moments. Perception is what gives life meaning, it is up to us how we use it.

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