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by Torrey
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We all have that one weakness that takes control of our whole being
Resting on my couch would have suited the description if my mind had not wandered off to thoughts of her. A master's mind captive of his slave. Her purpose was a leisure toy but now my hands begged to hold her every second away. My eyes had grown blind to the world, I could only see in her sight. What had I gotten myself into?

There she was, seated on my table. As if its sole purpose was for her to lie on. She did not even attempt to, yet I felt seduced by just her existence. Were my eyes enslaved or was she the missing part of my furniture. Her presence seemed to change everything in the room in a completion kind of way. She was that final touch, my walls looked different, the air felt different, even my heart beat different. How unjust it was for me to demean her description to mere beauty. My eyes were glaring at perfection.

My mind took a drift to the way it felt to be with her. My eyes shut to the scenery of the world in her eyes. My fingers shook in the thought of her feel. I was obsessed. Entangled in a charm I could not perceive. Succumbed to her silent command, my robotic body stepped to its controller.

I swung her around me in a passion overflow, my fingers maneuvered around her confused on where to rest. I looked at her, into her, then finally through her. I wanted to see the world as she did, I wanted to leave my world for hers, I drew her closer to me. Tenderly my hands toured her body keen to her response to my every move. The birds stopped chirping, my dripping tap water froze, my cat died in his doze, the wind stood on its toes, this goddess was bringing my world to a standstill.

I fell deep into the moment of what was in my arms. I was caught up in the sight before me. My hands trembled at the feel of her body. I was lost in her, but it was the kind of lost that felt exactly like being found. Was this the time to make the next move and would I take it right?

Every time I touched her it felt that way, a gush of emotion, fear yet courage, a burning desire to forever live in that very second. How the feeling renewed itself each time is forever a mystery to me. I took a deep breath, firmed my grip, and pressed right into her, I felt her light up and dive into the moment. I saw her give in to my command.

I was jubilant, I had gained back control. I was still the master. I stared at my toy. At what she had given me. I thought of the past hour or was it a minute, I could not tell. But one thing became clear. If this was not what the love theory entailed, then I was a compelled man by unknown forces. How could a camera have changed my whole being? I believe in God but I worship all her works too.

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