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The Government is mired in a web of deception that they don't know how to get out of.
Len Kasten, in his Book, Secret Journey to the Planet Serpo, A true Story of Interplanetary Travel, has provided readers with the Holy Grail that UFO reachers have been looking for the past seventy-five years.

The Revelation came as a series of leaks from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a leaker called "Anonymous." This same source also claimed to be the editor and custodian of "The Red Book" a document used to brief Presidents. The disclosures can be viewed at WWW.Serpo.com. To many these disclosures are the answer to what UFOlogists have long believed but were hidden by coverups.

The book cherry picks information regarding an exchange that took place between astronauts and an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) race of aliens. The story goes that in the Roswell crash(s) saucers and aliens were recovered. Most died however, one, survived and helped the United States make contact with a race sometimes referred to as the Grays.

What is remarkable about the leak is not so much the exchange program, that lasted about ten years and ended when the astronauts returned. That is what most of the book is about but not the bombshell. The smoking gun is contained in an appendix 12 and titled "A Framework for Public Acclimation." The framework lists twelve Declarations. They were leaked not by Anonymous but rather from someone high in the DIA or "... at the pinnacle of the MJ-12hierachy. In these short and concise statements"... is everything we have secretly learned about the extraterrestrials."

Of everything I have read about UFOs this Framework for Public Acclimation rings with authenticity. It is in my view the real deal. There is a huge difference between bureaucratic prose written by the military, scientists and those in industry and the prose found in a science fiction novel. The Declarations are written in bureaucratic prose while the Visit to the Planet Serpo account reads like science fiction. What this two page document says has a ring of truth and reconciles longstanding questions, long in the public arena.

For many the story about the Visit to the Planet Serpo is a stretch. A serious reader is going to think, "If there was such an exchange, witnessed by large numbers, there would have been a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) cover story." SERPO sounds like a canned product, put on the shelf to enable misinformation had the leak gone viral in ways the DIA did not anticipate...

However, it did not go viral or anything close to it. The information that started leaking on 2 November 2005 caused hardly a ripple. Fear that the Website might be taken down prompted Kasten to publlsh his book in 2013. There it sits on a silver platter waiting for someone to take an interest of serious note.

I guess it proves the adage that if your repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Nobody believes that these sanctioned leaks are to be taken seriously! Seventy-Five years of misinformation, intimidation, ridicule and lies have taken its toll on the psyche of the American People. Americans still believe that UFOs and an alien presence is a bunch of malarkey.

So much has happened under the umbrella of deception for so long that the very approach to "unfeeling" the lie of the century must be done under a mushroom. Note how the DIA has gone about serupticiously implementing their Public Acclimation effort. Rather than just having the President admit what has been going on they have chosen instead to resort to "Sanctioned Leaks."

The authenticity of the program is contained in the backdoor attempt to get out from under the stifling weigh of lies and deception. How do you suppose the public is going to react when it begins to sink in that trillions in "Dark Money" has been spent on the Secret Space Program? How do you suppose the public will react when they find out we've turned a blind eye to abductions, cattle mutilations and hybredization and given an alien race a free pass to further their biological agenda? How will the public react when they find out a small group of elitists have been negotiating with extraterrestrials ever since the Roswell crashes? I could go on and on. It isn't fear over another Orsen Wells hoax that keeps the Government silent but fear of a groundswell of indignation when the people find how grossly they have been kept in the dark for thee quarters of a century.

Now it's beginning to appear that the new great coverup will take place in the Antartica. Leaks are turning from drips to a drizzle as evidence of a Pre-Adamic civilization once existed there. As the ice continues to melt it will become virtually impossible to cover up the discoveries that are turning up in our own back yard.
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