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by Lizzy
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Sally Evans is a young girl who lives her life as a loner. Until she discovers why...
Chapter 1
A small diary of Sally Evans: “I grew up happily. From when I was little, my family talked about these wolf packs, who would hunt all night, and if you were outside at a specific time of night, you could see their figures on the mountaintop as they howled at the moon. Only on a full moon could you find them, and it was like they disappeared after the full moon passed. My parents would tell me stories about these wolves, and how they had magical powers, and they could withstand some of the most powerful forces. I was determined to meet one, and ride it into the night. Maybe someday.”.

Now onto the story. The day started ordinary for Sally Evans. Ok. Maybe she woke up feeling odd, and one thing led to another, and EVANtually...Get It? Evan? Nevermind..Anyway, she eventually found herself in a hospital. Here’s how… The morning was bright and sunny in her small town (which shall not be named). She got up, stretched, and all of a sudden started feeling hot. Her first impression was to start breathing heavily, almost panting. Sally walked downstairs, and sat on the couch. A minute later, he mom came running in. Her eyes grew wide when she saw me. “Honey, your eyes!”. Sally looked shocked. “What about my eyes?”, she wondered. “Well, they are shaped odd, the pupils are diamond of a sort.”, she shook her head as to see clearer. “Nevermind. Just get ready for that summer camping trip you were invited to, ok?”, she smiled as she left the room. She totally forgot! She sped up to her room to change and finish packing. By the time it was ready to go, she had just finished getting ready.
“I cannot even believe they invited me to it! Me! Of all people!”, Sally said to her mom in the car. Her mom smiled, and continued to look at the road. The campgrounds were a while away from the house, but once they arrived, Sally was super nervous. “I have no friends in this group!”, she sighed.

The kids were not very welcoming either. The afternoon was a series of meeting people and deciding not to befriend them. Sally was a bit of a loner throughout her life, and her mother didn’t understand why. She had done all that she could to get Sally some good friends, but Sally just didn’t want any.

Anyways, evening came quickly, and all of the kids were climbing this humongous tree. “Hey, lone wolf! Come climb with us!”, shouted a boy hanging like a monkey from a large branch. “No thanks!”, she shouted back. The boy rolled his eyes and continued, “U scared?”, he taunted. “No! I just don’t wanna get hurt!”, Sally was getting tired of kids thinking She was scared of everything. The kids started clucking like chickens until finally Sally gave in. “Fine! Real mature guys!”, she rolled her eyes.
She put down her ipod and headphones that she always had handy. She grabbed the first branch and pulled herself up to a sitting position. “There! Happy now?”, she growled. The boy was in the same position but higher up. “No! Not enough!”, he was grouchy. “Hey! I have an idea!”, shouted a girl named Harley. “We’ll be satisfied if she can catch him.”, she demanded. The boy uncrossed his arms and smiled. “I like it!”, he managed to get out before Sally started chasing him. She didn’t get very far before getting her leg stuck. “Ouch!”, she cried.

One of the adults in charge of it all came out with an announcement. “One of the tents has a campfire! S’mores for everyone!”, he smiled. All of the kids scrambled down to the tent. Before long, Sally was alone with her foot stuck sitting in the dark. Pulling herself out of the trees grasp she landed hard on the ground. With a loud scream, she saw the rest of the campers come to investigate. The man who announced the s’mores ran over to where she was laying. “Oh dear! Broken leg, eh?”, he sighed as Sally’s vision was fading. She could tell it had been a while when she woke up. “Where am I?”, she asked as she could tell that she was alone. “Mom? Dad?”, she looked around. A tear slid down her chin as she realized they were not with her. Her parents had divorced a while back, and her father was no longer allowed to see her for being aggressive. A doctor was outside talking to someone. “Something is weird about her leg. It healed incredibly fast for a broken leg.”, she said. “Is there something wrong with her?”, it was her mother’s voice. “Your daughter is special.”, said the doctor, and continued, “She will have tests done to find out what is changing in her.”, she finished. Tests? Changing? Special? “I’m special?”, Sally thought. She could hear the doctor walk away. The door creaked open, “Darling? Are you awake now?”, she begged it to be true. “Mom!”, Sally gasped. Her mother ran to her side and they hugged. “Mom! I don’t wanna be tested! Please don’t let them hurt me!”, I cried. She smiled, holding back tears, “Oh hunny! It is for the best! Don’t you wanna see what makes you special?”, she smiled. “I already know that I’m special! I am special because you are my mother!”, she sobbed. Her mother laid her down, and exited the room. The doctor’s voice again, “We are sending a specialized doctor in there. One that helps with supernatural things”, they all got quiet. The door once again creaked open. Every ounce of her wanting to just go home, seemed to be simmering up inside of her. “I am going to stick this small needle into you. It’s just a little prick, and it will keep you from being in pain during the tests. Ok?”, it was a man this time.

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