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by mikela
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A known murderer is seeking revenge on woman and a detective trying to catch the murderer
The high sunlit clouds drifted across a clear blue sky and from a peaceful place, a desperate scream was heard. Laura was running for her life because she was going to be the last victim for the known murderer, the pallid man.
The day before, another body was found in a red coffin at River lane, the same as the other, having a black hair and red lipstick. Detective Nick Burrows was at his edge with his investigation but he made sure that, that was his last. He received a call that a man described as the murderer, was spotted at the white pub, so he went in disguise to see for himself.
Laura had just broke off from her abusive boyfriend and to get over him, she went to the white pub. By the unspotted corner there was a ravishing pianist with blond long hair playing the piano. Anonymously someone was sending alcohol to Laura. When she got drunk the pianist got her a room, which was of room 13. She went up only to see everything white and a red coffin and the pallid man stood out from it and hit her, aggressively torture, she managed to escape and took off to River Lane. Her desperate scream got attention to burrows and he took off to save her!
Later on, it was discovered that the pianist that goes by the name of Ms. Palmer, Choosing women with black hair and red lipstick for the pallid man to torture them because of the miserable death of his late wife suffered, who had black hair and red lipstick.

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